PS4 Remote Play - Now on More Devices Trailer

The PS4 Remote Play feature, now features compatibility with Android smartphone or tablet running Android 5.0 or higher, as well as the ability to play with DUALSHOCK4 on iOS13 and most Android 10 devices.

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AspiringProGenji336d ago

Why not bring the xperia play brand back and do all of that in just one device?

bouzebbal336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Nothing new here this has always been the case.. We want psnow back on more devices

Kashima336d ago

Sony recognize vita in 2019? wow.

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Christopher335d ago

Remote play on Vita is pretty popular in Japan.

ApocalypseShadow336d ago

I thought this was known already some time back. Like a month or two ago. I mentioned what Sony should do here with remote play
And then, Sony updated since I didn't know it was in the beta to update remote play

That was 44 days ago with the remote play update.

UltraNova335d ago

Someone give this man a survey to fill, he gets shit done!!


ArchangelMike336d ago

I guess Stadia really has its work cut out for it now.

Ricegum336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Huh? This is regarding Remote Play. I don't see the comparison with Stadia.

RememberThe357336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

The ability to stream your games to your mobile device. But in this case they're actually YOUR PS4 games. I never really like remote play, but to each their own.

roadkillers336d ago

Maybe I do not understand this, can we play Remotely outside of our house? Can I bring my PS4 controller with me and play GoW on my phone, or do I need to be under the same wifi?

Thatgrammar336d ago

You can play outside of your house. I tried it at starbucks 400 miles away from my home and it worked for me.

MrNinosan336d ago

You don't need to be on same WiFi.
I play my PS4 games daily at work, on my computer through remote play.

crazyCoconuts336d ago

@MrNinosan, your employer has been notified. You no longer need Remote Play

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Xaevi336d ago

Works well on my laptop and on my phone and I tried it once on my VITA all the way from my sis's house and it worked well then too. Don't care much for paying yet another monthly subscription service, but this does show that streaming games does work, and work properly. It's a nice alternative from having to carry your PS4 around, and it's completely free. I said it before, but I'll say it again. It'd be awesome if SONY put the official app on the Switch

RememberThe357336d ago

Not sure Nintendo would he okay with that.

336d ago
Concertoine336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Idk, when it comes down to it how is it any different than porting those games? And nintendo wouldnt object to ports.

Anything that increases the value of the Switch is good for them.

However, i could never see Nintendo offering their games as a subscription on a non nintendo console.

ILostMyMind336d ago

Maybe a site on web browser.

VariantAEC334d ago

Being real I don't think either company would be ok with that. Especially if PlayStation is thinking about reentering the mobile handheld space at some point in the future.
Also it's not like PS4 Remote Play would be a selling feature for Switch though PlayStation also wouldn't want to encourage Switch sales. PlayStation and Nintendo might not have hardware in the same competitive space but the company's are still in competition and for that reason I don't think we'll see PS4 Remote Play on Xbox One either not that that would even make much sense. At least when it comes to PC Remote Play you could be running the app on hardware too weak to run PS4 games for example thin and light ultrabook/netbooks. Phones are also much too weak to run PS4 games like Switch but again Sony and PlayStation as a whole aren't really missing out on sales if you play games on a phone and while ownership of a PS4 is required to use Remote Play this could still incentivize Switch ownership.

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PhoenixUp336d ago

Switch doesn’t even have a Netflix app yet you think it could get a Remote Play app?

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