Sarcastic Gamer reviews Saint's Row 2 reviews Saint's Row 2, and evangelizes the practice of spraying poop on people. Can they get a Hallelujah?

From the review: "If there is one thing that sandbox games with guns and cars can't get away from, it's a Grand Theft Auto comparison. Well, it seems like Volition took this to heart when making Saints Row and the aptly named sequel: Saints Row 2. Saints Row 2 is a GTA clone to the core, at least it resembles the older generation of GTA games since GTA IV went in a new direction.

So, what does that mean for a Saints Row 2 review? It means that I'm going to be comparing it in every way to GTA. Maybe it's because that's the easy road, or maybe I have some frustration to vent about GTA. Who knows? Either way, you can find it after the jump."

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