AceGamez Review - Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty

AceGamez: "For the uninitiated (and if you're yet to join the Ratchet & Clank party then it's worth seeking out the now very cheap PS2 releases and catching up on what you've missed), Ratchet & Clank is a unique action adventure series that features the perfect blend of platform action, puzzles and weapons-based combat, with the striking cartoon visual style of a Pixar movie and a script and storyline to match. The dialogue is witty with plenty of laugh out loud moments, the graphics are crisp and stylish, and your arsenal of weapons is the most inventive collection ever conceived, fully upgradeable in a variety of ways that change with each release. The main difference between Quest for Booty and the rest of the series is its limited arsenal and lack of new weapons; you only have a handful of guns this time around, with few gadgets and no new additions. This isn't a problem given the creativity of the series, as the selection incorporates trusted staples and old favourites - and there are some new gadgets thrown into the mix in a game where the emphasis is more on platform action than gunplay, for a change."

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