How Not to complain about censorship, MadWorld-style comments on the DailyMail's trashing of Madworld and the insanity that follows from the conservative morons that are coming out of the woodwork to attack the Wii and Madworld.

From the article: "There's a lot of sensible gamers out there. People like you and I. We're able to string together coherent sentences packed with thought, genuine points and a good, healthy understanding of the other side's point of view, all the while making our points seem all the better. We can be as mature as the next person, while having a wholly immature interest in videogames.

Well, most of us are anyway. mediawatch-UK (intentional lack of capitalisation..damn minimalist logos), a British media watchdog, has complained about the number of abusive emails they've received following their comments on upcoming Wii slasher MadWorld, making us gamers look like arrogant morons and making Jack Thompson look right about us. Which won't do."

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