Borderlands 3's Story Was Not Worth the Wait

Borderlands has always been great thanks to its humour, thoughtfulness, and excellent characters, but Borderlands 3 is a bit of a letdown.

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Spurg573d ago

Feminist and LGBT fueled story.....I don't see why the LGBT is being focused on so much. If you are going to make a game about it then make a new game don't shoehorn it in an existing franchise.

TheGamez100573d ago

Was about to say the same lol. *Sigh* sjws are ruining gaming, movies, and whatever else, the things us true fans have loved for years. I like the female characters but it was so damn obvious how obvious it was and how they completely took over the whole story......

Battlestar23573d ago

The only ones who are sjw's are the ones who can't accept the fact that it is ok to have feminist story telling in games. It doesn't take away from the male characters or those who play the games heck if i got to choose in every game what gender my character is i would pick female every time and I'm a guy. So stop being snowflakes and accept the fact that it is ok to have gays/lesbians in games/movies they are after all equal to the rest of us.

D3TH_D33LR573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

Battlestar, it’s just that their story telling tends to be trash and the only thing that matters is “inclusivity”. Just look at new Terminator and Charlie’s angels. Crappy movies because their uninspired, lame, poorly written but at least it’s got all its boxes ticked in the strong woahman department.

ElectricBentoME573d ago

Am I missing something? I read this twice and didnt see anything that would flag this as "feminist and LGBT"...

spicelicka573d ago

I think he/she is talking about the story of the game, not the article.

TheColbertinator573d ago

The Borderlands storyline in every sense is pointless. You never get the feeling anything important is happening or will lead to anything. I just play it to shoot stuff.

-Foxtrot573d ago

I think they've built so much up on the lore that they just don't deliver or they do things in the game, mostly because the character you are playing as, doesn't get involved much in the story at all, most things happen when you are away or you are powerless to do something. It's like they've created this great lore then EVERY GAME they contradict themselves.

Like they keep adding Sirens and when they are a big part of the main story they don't give the Siren class unique interactions, like Tyreen wants to absorb powerful beings, she got a taste of Lilith and Troy got Maya but a living, breathing Siren, Amara, is sitting right in front of you and you act like she's nothing. Stop adding Sirens if you aren't going to utilize them properly.

I don't really mind female characters in this game but they really took a focus this time, they gave Mordecai and Brick the shaft, killed Scooter in the Tales of the Borderlands, Marcus was just at his shop as always. no sign of Doctor Zed, no Salvador, no Axel, Kreig is just an Echo log, Roland is dead, Rhys could have been more involved but they brought in annoying Lorelei, Torgue was reduced to just the battle areas.

Like at the end you basically have Ellie, Lilith, Ava (remind me why Maya died for her?), Tannis, Moxxi

The twins were just awful aswell and when I got to the final boss, against Tyreen, I expected a really well done fusion between her and the Destroyer. Instead I got a half arsed fight with a William Birkin wannabe which was predictable and easy to do, even Troy's fight was cooler. I get the idea was to have her become a monster rather than a god but a better, god like design would have suited her better considering we've fought monstrosities for most of the games

Sono421572d ago (Edited 572d ago )


Really on point here, but I think to make the plot even worse is Ava, she literally did nothing the entire game besides whine and moan about Maya dying... which was HER FAULT, but she blames Lilith. Then for SOME REASON Lilith leaves her in charge when she dies.... WHAT?! The teenage brat who has been nothing but useless and annoying.. gets left in charge? What the actual... literally anyone else.... LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE even the Ice-T teddy bear, just not the worst character in the entire franchise. Then when you think about this from a writing standpoint, they literally killed off Maya just to have Ava become the new Maya... literally the worst decision ever, Maya taking over would have made much more sense.

AngelicIceDiamond573d ago

I simply don't like every character has to be this sarcastic goof. Flattening everyone out. Vaun is stupidly annoying, a mid 30's guy who tries hard to be in the know or cool and "sarcastic" type. Extremely forgettable side characters and you as the protagonist is just an errand boy or girl who doesn't contribute to the narrative or barely, just a one line catch phrases. but just plays the role of saving the world, with little admiration reward or a real sense of importance. The other characters you play with don't have chemistry or barely any character banter amongst each other. "Here's a chest" "Get back in the fight "Lets dual" that's it might as well be invisible to one another. Th Calypso's attitude works for them personally because they're young YT villains who fit today's society.There sarcastic arrogant dismissive attitude's work and I think they're made to be super annoying. Its an issue when everyone else has to act like that like can we get other distinctive personalities in the game?

Interloper573d ago

Lilith gives Sanctuary 3 to a bratty child who basically the reason a character was killed.

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