Cybercrime crusaders shut down shadowy Web hosting operation

Mercury News writes, "When cybercrime crusaders this week persuaded Internet service providers to disconnect a shadowy Web hosting operation called McColo, the impact was dramatic - an instant 40 percent drop in spam and other "badness'" across some e-mail networks, security experts say.

McColo, which operated from servers in San Jose, was alleged to be a conduit for activities that included fraud and child pornography, according to a "Cyber Crime USA" report issued Tuesday by an alliance of private-sector Internet security advocates.

But bringing the people behind McColo to justice, these experts say, may prove much more difficult in an age when the technology has outpaced the reach of the law - particularly when the culprits may be crime syndicates in Eastern Europe. The activities hosted by McColo were disrupted, experts say, but may be quickly revived over the Web."

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