How we finally got Shenmue III after 18 long years

GR: "The initial two titles didn't light the world on fire commercially and that has left the series in a weird state of limbo for nearly 20 years as many people never thought Shenmue III would come out. The impossible is finally happening as it releases this month for PlayStation 4 and PC."

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Teflon021669d ago

By disrespecting a bunch of people who made it happen

SegaGamer1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Get over it you big baby. I don't feel disrespected in the slightest. It was annoying at first, but I got over it because I'm an adult. Before the Kickstarter was announced, I would have taken anything, as would 99% of Shenmue fans. You can carry on being bitter as much as you like, people like yourself seem to love being outraged over something, but I would rather actually play the game I have waited for half of my life.

Wasabi1669d ago

I owned the original Shenmue on my imported Japanese Sega Dreamcast way back in '99, I really enjoyed the game so I'm quite excited to play Shenmue III.

1669d ago
Fist4achin1669d ago

I. Can. Almost. Let. This. Breath. Out.


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Fluke_Skywalker123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Never say never, I really didn't expect to ever see Space Marine 2 and 12 years later its almost here.
So there is still hope for all these games.

Chocoburger123d ago

I've completed 5 of the games on the list, but the author forgot to include Advent Rising. It was supposed to be a trilogy, but it bombed hard, and the two sequels never got made. It was Mass Effect, a console generation before Mass Effect.

The game is buggy and unpolished, it needed a few more months of development, but the potential was there. At the end of the game, you have all these super abilities, I remember the stomp attack that created a shockwave being especially powerful.

shinoff2183123d ago

I personally think days gone will recieve some sort of sequel at some point. I'm personally also hoping it's not the rumored multiplayer online stuff. I'd think most that enjoyed it would rather thisnto.

Knightofelemia123d ago

Sony needs to dust off Sly Cooper and Days Gone so needs a sequel two of my favorite Sony titles. Bulletstorm I love great game wish it also got a sequel. And I wish Namco would finally give Enslaved a sequel another great game.


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anast736d ago (Edited 736d ago )

Dragon's Dogma and XCOM 2 are the best deals. The rest of the games are still overpriced. I would say 8.99 is good for AC: Origins, but you need to put $10 more into MTs to avoid the grind that slows down the story. So, the game is actually 18.99.

It's not on this list, but Pathfinder: Kingmaker is only $9.99. This is a deal if you have a current gen. consoles, as it runs poorly on prev. gen.

hangdang735d ago

I beat AC origins without grinding or spending any money on MTX?

anast735d ago

I had to grind for side missions. So, did many other people.

HeliosHex736d ago

Has anyone been able to login in to the ps store on ps5 I haven't been able to in days and my network is good.

RedDevils735d ago

Reset or shutdown your PS5. I always can go login to PS5, in fact just a moment ago.

HeliosHex735d ago

Hey thanks again. Although the shutdown/reset didn't work i found that resetting the mdm and hub did the trick. I use a Lan network instead of wifi. In case anyone has a similar setup and problem.

RedDevils734d ago

I forgot to mention about the router reset, that usually do the trick when it come to network problems happen with iphone/android. btw np