CraveOnline: Tomb Raider Underworld Impressions

CraveOnline: "After climbing some initial rubble the first thing I tried to do was jump kick a parrot in the face. Unfortunately I missed, plummeting sixty some odd feet to the ocean below where I had to start my trek up the ruins all over again. It instantly brought back memories of Prince of Persia, but where in that game I could rewind time with my handy magical sand, I had no such aid in Tomb Raider: Underworld. Platforming done right should be fun and exhilarating, not tedious and frustrating. But Underworld continued to push my buttons at every jumping segment. Time and time again I would screw up a leap and fall to my death at little fault of my own. For example, if I attempted to jump across a chasm while standing on the edge of a cliff, or an overhang, while not facing perfectly straight at my desired target, I would sometimes leap 90 degrees, and once again, fall to my doom."

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