TVG: Mirror's Edge Review

TVG writes: "With the bleached white skyline and dramatic reduction in combat, Mirror's Edge proposes a considerable tangent for the studio most famously known for the Battlefield series. A bold attempt to show gamers that DICE isn't just about shooters, and an equally audacious move for the traditionally conservative EA, Mirror's Edge has been riding high on our lists for 2008.

Set against the backdrop of an ultra-stylish dystopian future, Mirror's Edge style and refreshingly creative concept provides an immediate draw that begins in a blazing fashion. Not only is Mirror's Edge a technical accomplishment, but perhaps more so an advocate for artistic style - it's look is quite unlike anything we've ever seen on this generation, and immediately creates an engagement around the game. Despite the clean look sinister organisations lurk in the shadows and as such the passage of information is closely controlled, creating a need for 'Runners' to ensure confidential information can't be tracked by the powers that be. However, protagonist Faith is much more than just a postie from the future, quite quickly she finds her sister embroiled in a staged murder and has to act quickly to save her - cue plenty of double-crosses, twists and turns. Although the story fails to offer anything beyond the typical dystopian view expounded since George Orwell's 1984, the concept at least remains refreshingly fresh."

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