Yu Suzuki calls Shenmue 3 ‘a miracle’ as sequel finally ships

Designer says fans asking for sequel after 20 years is “very, very unique”.

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Myst-Vearn317d ago

Hopefully it doesn't disappoints.

CaptainCook317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

Shemue 3 will get bad reviews for just being an Epic exclusive on PC.

Nitrowolf2317d ago

I think it'll get a badd review mostly because it has a dated design, so people are gonna try to hold it to dumb standards.

As long as it stays true to its roots I'll be happy, I want the story to be completed

TheRealTedCruz317d ago


Imagine making a game and having it judged by the standards of the time it released.
The audacity.

317d ago
TK-66316d ago (Edited 316d ago )

Then ignore the PC reviews and stick to the PS4's?

JackBNimble316d ago

After what they did to the people who crowdfunded, they deserve a shit review for going exclusive on EGS.

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Juusterey316d ago

If by dumb standards you mean basic convenience
then yes

zodiac909317d ago

Also a miracle with that Epic Games store back stab LOL

Shikoku317d ago

Cant wait for it to come in the mail

CP_Company317d ago

embargo 2 days after release :D is it a good sign?

Chocoburger317d ago

It's been clarified that it was UK only, not USA. It may have been due to shipping delays (we don't know for sure). USA embargo is day of launch (a common tactic, nothing out of the ordinary here).

Do note that whether it gets good or bad reviews is irrelevant to a person's enjoyment. I love Death Stranding (36 hours in so far), and the bad reviews means nothing to me.

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