Best Buy ‘Black Friday 2019’ Ad Reveals Huge PlayStation 4 Deals

Best Buy has incredible deals on PlayStation 4 consoles, games and accessories.

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Fist4achin270d ago

Cool. That's quite the PS4 bundle.

bouzebbal270d ago

I want an xbox one for game pass.. I'm sure there will be some good deals

PlayableGamez-270d ago

It looks like PS4 has the best deals.
A God of War/Uncharted 4/Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 bundle for 200 dollars is a steal.
Nintendo Switch deals are booty. Octapath traveler for $40? Come on.

Muzikguy270d ago

That really is a great deal for the PS4. I would guess they'd fly off the shelves but we shall see.

UltraNova270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

History tells us that 200 dollars is the sweetspot for consoles. Three great games to go with that price is a slam dunk.

rpvenom270d ago

I don't think it'll fly off the shelves.. most gamers have already purchased a PS4. And most know that PS5 is launching next year.. so though it may sell well.. I highly doubt it will fly off the shelves due to it already having already sold so well up to this point.

rainslacker270d ago

They've flown off the shelves every black Friday. While a lot of people have consoles, a lot of people still don't.

PlayableGamez-270d ago

I know I posted this a couple of hours ago, but I made a mistake.
It's TLOU not Uncharted 4 but still a good deal.

ocelot07270d ago

@rpvenom I do understand why you think like that when you say most gamers have already bought a PS4 and that is true.

But you have pc gamers that might buy one to play the many exclusives. You might have Xbox owners buying one since it's so cheap.

Plus the big one would be kids. There might be plenty of young kids that might have been to young to own one in the past. Or parents that didn't want to spend $300 on a single gift. $200 is the sweet spot with 3 excellent games.

krauley270d ago

looks like playstation is in financial troubles? :P

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PlayableGamez-270d ago

Fallout 76 is 10 dollars on Xbox One and I still feel like it's too much money.

Xaywhat270d ago

It should be .99 or better yet FTP. They want all that extra subscription $ to play the full experience. Seriously Fuck Bethesda

Muzikguy270d ago

I keep checking that ad because it seems like they're leaving some things out but it hasn't changed.

KeenBean345270d ago

There is no reason not to own a ps4 at that price point with those games bundled in

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The story is too old to be commented.