Stadia Vs. XCloud: Xbox Flips The Script On Its Disastrous 2013 E3

Will XCloud vs. Stadia in 2019 end up looking like Xbox vs PlayStation in 2013?

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Sophisticated_Chap624d ago

Certainly, as far as Google Stadia is concerned, Microsoft has indeed flipped the script, and they've got some great momentum heading into the next generation. The question that should really be asked, is whether Microsoft can flip the script on Sony, who hasn't had much to announce over the last year, and who has been riding the continued marketing wave for TLoU2, Ghost of Tsushima and Dreams, for what seems like the last 3-5+ years. Sony's price change on PS Now is encouraging, but that whole service looks flat compared to Microsoft's XCloud offerings, including the ability to stream digital games you already own in your library, and the inclusion of GamePass with day one 1st party game releases.

cellfluid624d ago

How does Microsoft have great momentum heading into next Gen and they have no games worthy of play?? Lololol

Wasabi624d ago


***"they have no games worthy of play"***

In your opinion.

Godmars290624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

MS has hype. They always have hype. That how they came out of last gen the supposed winner, somehow didn't mess up as bad as Sony with the PS3, yet still seem to be missing any level of good will the PS3 recovered and handed off to the PS4.

King_Noctis624d ago

Because next gen is not here yet and so those games are still in development?

Hardiman624d ago

That's what I'm waiting on! Checked out in 09 and have been waiting since. Hoping the awesome times of Xbox and early 360 days. I've been waiting a very late night time lol!

rainslacker624d ago

They have one game already announced for next gen. That's one more than Sony so far. Obviously, that means momentum. MS finally announced some games after years of barely having anything, while Sony has had a pretty steady supply of games all gen, and next year they have at least two high profile games releasing on PS4, so obviously, MS with all those games which realistically won't get as much attention by the mainstream as Sony's offerings, means momentum for MS.

It's pretty obvious.

andibandit623d ago (Edited 623d ago )


We will finally see if those studio acquisitions have been working on something interesting

wiz7191623d ago

There plenty of games to play worthy of play ,

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Knushwood Butt624d ago

GoT and Dreams hasn't had any marketing wave. Desperate much?

They have momentum because they have solid hardware and are continuing to support it with software.

They don't need to waste effort spewing hot air all the time.

Goukira624d ago

And what did microsoft announce over the years when sony had their stream of announcments? Nothing right? Just forza forza is still catching up with sony in terms of aaa game announcements.

ApocalypseShadow624d ago

Nothing beats having a console or even a PC. You can buy games on disc. You can buy digital that you can download. And, you can stream. You also can remote play your own games you bought with a good internet connection. You can watch movies on Blu-ray, stream music and surf the internet. And you can play VR on three of the consoles.

Stadia does only one of these and you can't play if there's no internet. It's not even a battle.

The only gamers that would be truly interested are the casual, mobile gamers that are already playing free games or with ads. Why would they want to pay a monthly bill or run up their data plans?

Consoles were built for a reason: Plug it in. Play it. Nothing else is required. Not even internet. Even if Stadia gets off the ground, there's still no competition.

andibandit623d ago

Nobody is streaming for the sake of it, it's about "what" is generating the images on your screen

PhoenixUp624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

“If there’s going to be a streaming war in the video game world, it’s going to be between Stadia and Xbox’s XCloud.”

Why wouldn’t PlayStation Now be factored into that?

CaptainCook624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

PlayStation Now doesn't offer newer games. EA games like Madden 20 will be playable on Xcloud, unlike PlayStation Now.

I can stream a game I already purchase with xCloud, it's more similar to Stadia than PlayStation Now.

rob-GP624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

You can stream any game you bought on your Playstation via remote play from your own console. Sure, you’re streaming For free from your pro or base, rather than a paid-for Xbox one S in the cloud, but it’s still possible.

Plus, have Xbox actually confirmed the paid for version of Xcloud will give you access to your library because the beta doesn’t. Again, if using the remote play-like feature you can, but not the streaming version from their servers - yet.

Also, as the op said, I’d say PSNow is also a contender. Just because it’s not offering day-one games in the service, it’s still a game streaming service like that Nvidia one and the other various pc ones.

PhoenixUp624d ago

That doesn’t automatically invalidate its existence in the market

Hardiman624d ago

Because some choose to be obtuse! Sony was first with PS Now(streaming is all the rage now) cross play(was the rage a while back) and funds and develops the most quality AAA and AA exclusives, had remote play before the Switch was a thing and was the first to bring affordable VR to the masses. I'd say PlayStation should be in any conversation when it comes to the gaming industry!

rainslacker624d ago (Edited 624d ago )

Because it's easier to win if you ignore the leader. Look at last gen. Nintendo actually won the sales war, but the entire discussion was between PS3 and 360.

I wouldn't worry about it. If Sony dominates, it'll get attention, and the arguments about why xCloud is better will be the same twisting of facts to come to a conclusion as it would be if any other service actually had the lead. It's just the way it is, and the streaming war, isn't going to be any different than the console war.

In the end, who really cares? Seems most of us don't care about streaming anyways, so let people battle it out. It's going to be a marginal market for a while in comparison to consoles, and PC is still a thing. Streaming next gen is going to be about equivalent as the VR is this gen. It's a market, but hardly something that matters that much to the rest of the console war or PC/console debate(whatever that is now). Difference is, VR players tend to be more open to accepting that all the competition is still a viable option for the advancement of the tech itself.

SocialDanny123623d ago

Because along with Stadia indies and third parties continue to ignore PS Now and the X019 event shows it.

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Godmars290624d ago

When it was Xbox 2013, it was them saying they could improve performance, add effects and the like, via "da cloud" versus simply streaming games. Now its several years later and they are promising to simply stream games, have Xbox owners use their Xboxes as servers with their own in support, versus Google wholly using their own servers and already saying that they wont be able to provide half of the services and features they promised. Nevermind that neither service/system has been released while both companies have history of "rough" launches for their tech.

Xbox 2013 was a dumpster-fire upon announcement which the masses managed not to experience firsthand. Now with Stadia vs XCloud, those dumpster-fires will be experienced, and of the two questions that should be answered one - which will be the bigger dumpster-fire: Stadia - is obvious. Second should be how long will it take to get either near a functioning condition to what was promised.

Ausbo623d ago

Not sure how you can say xcloud is a “dumpster fire” when it is out and people like it. Plus it’s in beta form.
We get that you hate xbox, but let the product full release before declaring something a “dumpster fire”

Godmars290623d ago

When has an online service ever launched without issues within its first few months if not years?

Also, was talking about Xbox 2013. MS's always online policies which were a direct dumpster-fire, largely because of limited, egotistical foresight.