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Death Stranding is a boring chore of a game that takes the worst aspects of open world games and combines them with a nonsensical plot.

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chrisx1417d ago

Too bad such reviews are in the extreme minority lol. DS is a breathe of fresh air. Great game.

timotim1417d ago

😂😂😂 extreme minority huh. Look man, at the end of the day these are all just opinions...you saying things like a "breath of fresh air" is no more factual than the person saying it's boring. All of it is correct...to the person saying it. Example...if i call Crackdown 3 a breath of fresh air and a great game...should i assume that would change your perception of that game?

GamingSinceForever1417d ago


People spend more time worrying about what others think than playing and enjoying the games for themself.

Elda1417d ago

That's what the comment section is for, otherwise we wouldn't read your opinions.

zodiac9091417d ago

@timotim You might as well have linked the definition of "opinion," and saved alot of time..

F0XH0UND9221417d ago

Your argument falls flat because the vast majority of Death Stranding reviews are positive while the vast majority of Crackdown 3 reviews are negative. At the end of the day, people can have opinions but chrisx's comment was right, to call DS boring is against the vast majority. A for effort though.

Krangs_Uncle1417d ago

It has the most 10/10's this year... Will come say hi when it receives more GOTY awards that Gears 5.

Kyizen1417d ago

If the majority of reviews were mixed and then someone said it bad then that is there opinion and might be some truth but for it to get so many 10s and then have reviews like this means it just is not that reviewers type of game not that its a bad game.

timotim1417d ago


Sure, the comment section is here to make comments. What I'm talking about however is people trying to make another persons opinion seem false while pushing their own opinion as truth. The reviewers opinion in the case is every bit as valid as the person saying it's a breath of fresh air. The problem is some only want to say its valid only if it matches their own opinion of it...

Realms1417d ago

This guy is in every negative article hating on the game, we get it you don't like the game.

timotim1417d ago


And I get it...you like the game...and you know what...theirs nothing wrong with that! I dont get mad just because you like it. I dont say your opinion is wrong for liking it. So why is it that when their is negative and mixed reviews (which their have been quite a bit of), we have people trying to pass off those opinions as false???

The game has you delivering and picking up packages! That type of gameplay isn't going to be for everyone, no matter who created the game. Some people will find it boring and its gameplay lackluster...my point is that ALL of it is correct to the people with these opinions.

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CaptainHenry9161417d ago

It really is! It's brilliant and unique

SyntheticForm1417d ago

Stop feeling the need to defend it and just enjoy it. The opinion that it's boring is valid, and the opinion that it's great and addictive is also valid.

I'm in the latter camp presently, but I'm not bothered by low reviews. Although I'm enjoying it I can easily understand why some wouldn't.

SyntheticForm1416d ago

Though I gotta say - fuck mule trucks. Always getting stuck on shit. Worthless.

DaDrunkenJester1417d ago

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Hell, even some of the 9's and 10's still openly admit this game can be slow and tedious at times. It all depends on how much you're willing to adapt to enjoy this kind of game, it certainly isn't for everyone.

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Vetalka831417d ago

i'm 100+ hurs in the game,only playing in chapter 6,enjoying the game so far.

CaptainHenry9161417d ago

I put over 50 hours and already finished the game. I didn't do all the side missions

VerminSC1417d ago

Holy hell. How do you have so much free time

zodiac9091417d ago

@VerminSC If you have a girlfriend, or job, throw all that in the trash, and you'll find the time ;)

SegaGamer1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I'm calling bullshit. 100+ hours of game play at the time of that comment would be over 12 hours of gaming a day, everyday, for 8 days straight.

akurtz1417d ago

I have a gf and a job with 31 going into it. Lol sounds a few days off to me

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franwex1417d ago

Over 100 already? This is a brand new game!! How??
I'm jealous that you can do that.

Vetalka831417d ago

not much work for past 2 weeks so most of my free time was spent on DS

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Superdooper1417d ago

95 over here. I'm almost complete I think. Spent 70 of those hours pre-chapter 9. Then powered through the rest to avoid spoilers from other people I know who were ahead of me. Still delivering cargo like it's going out of fashion. Still loving it.

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CrimsonWing691417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

I wholeheartedly disagree. Also, I’m tired of hearing how nonsensical the plot is, it’s something unique and very Kojima. If you’re into his stories then you will love this one.

It’s no wonder why devs don’t take risks anymore with new ideas. You all should look at the variety on the PS1 and PS2 libraries. Those were the good ol’ days where so many unique ideas and games came about. Nowadays it’s so much of the same and when something different comes out you get this split of hate it/love it and while the negative reviews are in the minority, everyone runs with those headlines and just spams the forums.

DaDrunkenJester1417d ago

Unique plots still need to make sense and follow its own set of rules... which kojima breaks quite a lot.

Atticus_finch1417d ago

So what? Did you see the last avengers movie, it was a horrible plot but it was still an entertaining movie to watch.

DarXyde1416d ago

So you've played through Death Stranding, right? You know the plot intimately well?

Or are you judging it based on Kojima's past work (which, by the way, is still not hard to understand)?

DaDrunkenJester1416d ago


Yes I'm familiar with Death Stranding and its story and it is very on the nose with its messages and story. The rules it sets with the Timefall often doesn't stay true especially during a particular cutscene.