Q&A: Xbox's Aaron Greenberg Says He Isn't Really Worried About PS5

X019, the annual Xbox fan festival, is currently running in London at the Copper Box Arena, where I caught up with Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg. He’s currently general manager of games marketing at Xbox, after holding multiple roles over the years. Greenberg has been around since the earliest days of Xbox, “back when there were only about 20 people working on the console.” We spoke about X019 and Xbox itself, the teases for PlayStation 5, and what went wrong with Scalebound.-Kotaku

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Jin_Sakai341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Good for him. I’m sure PS5 will be a huge success and likely dominate Scarlett.

mikeslemonade341d ago

I actually agree with him. Xbox has sucked up until now. But Microsoft has been deploying money in Xcloud, the next console, new exclusive developers, and game pass.

Rude-ro341d ago

😂 after how many years of being in gaming and is known to flat out lie?

pwnmaster3000341d ago

And you don’t think the other companies isn’t doing that either... what you think everyone is just chillin while MS is making moves... louder doesn’t always mean better. MS has to be be loud to bring back lost interest to the Xbox brand.

Exvalos341d ago

New exclusive developers and barely any new exclusives. The ones that have been shown look mediocre at best.

xTonyMontana341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

It won't stand a chance if those games aren't great. Xcloud is pointless until proven otherwise, they ruined that with their "power of the cloud" bollocks this gen. Their exclusive developers is a step in the right direction but they need to be making the right games that can compete with the likes of God of War and have the same mass appeal as Spiderman. Game pass hasn't translated to sales just yet but it at least distinguishes itself from the competition. Hopefully they improve on it.

Tjro other problem is their marketing is too American for global appeal. It's why they are only popular in a few regions. They need to start learning to appeal to a larger audience if they want any hope of even competing with PS.

bouzebbal341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

@mike: you love to write nonsense.😆😆 28518;. what does cloud gaming have to do with what people buy console for: flexibility and exclusives.. meaning they can play on/offline everywhere. he didnt worry about PS4 some years ago.. we know the story..

341d ago
mikeslemonade340d ago

MS spends more money than Nintendo and Sony combined. You mistaken if you think that doesn’t matter.

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BLizardXD341d ago

"Bleeding Edge is a big departure for Ninja Theory. Was that project already underway when you acquired the studio?"

"Greenberg: Yeah, it was a project they had well into development. "

and yet everyone still insists that MS deliberately ask Ninja theory to make this game.
this is why you don't listen to the bantering of other people.

bluebenjamin341d ago

They are fanboys thats what they do wether it make sense or not

leejohnson222341d ago

Of course Greenberg is more honest than Jesus, I can't catch my breath, high fidelity vr ?

Exvalos341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Scalebound was well underway yet Microsoft had no problem destroying it. They should have done the same with bleeding edge and had ninja theory begin development on something "breathtaking" If I was them It would have been follow up to hellblade or Enslaved Odyssey to the West 2

pwnmaster3000341d ago

And vice versa for all companies.. I don’t think any of the big three is actually really worried of the competition... inform and cautious about each other but I don’t think worried. They will make they’re profit just by there fanboys.

Artemidorus341d ago

Can't just say that in this position wait until it's out and what they have to offer.

PowerOfTheCloud341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Ofcourse ps5 will dominate after the trainwreck that x1 was. Most will jump on ps5 train asap while people will wait where scarlet is going. And even in the suprising case that scarlet turns out to be worth it, ps5 will lead by millions and millions by the time gamers figure out that they want the new xbox, which means that thd device will have zero chance to catch up with ps5's sales.

xTonyMontana341d ago

He's a pathological liar, i wonder if he is lying here?

bluefox755341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Likely? It's not even really a question at this point, lol. Playstation wins every gen, that's not suddenly going to change when their at the height of their success.

XtaZ340d ago

Xbox is already dominating PS4 despite of their horrible launch, and Sony have just been playing catch-up this entire gen and still haven't been able to match the quality of the Xbox ecosystem and they have also had to be dragged kicking and streaming just to add a few pro-consumer features people were begging for, and I really doubt this will change going into next gen unless Sony completely changes their stategy and spend billions to get on Microsofts level. Also Sony is renting Azure from MS so MS will be directly profiting of any success Sony has.

PowerOfTheCloud340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Lmao you forgot the /s

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rlow1341d ago

Actually compliments Sony, their attitude really is just on offering something to everyone. Letting you decide on what to play it on. Heck they added support for the PlayStation controller.

UltraNova341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

That was a great move both consumer and business wise.

vallencer341d ago

Thought that was awesome when they announced that. The booing in the crowd when they did was on another level.

xX-oldboy-Xx341d ago

He thinks he has xbox owners on lock - maybe he does, but he ain't getting anywhere near Sony next gen. I'm sure they had the same bullish attitude going into this gen.

How'd that work out for them?

rainslacker341d ago

MS has always had a high amount of bravado. Sometimes misplaced.

SolidGamerX341d ago

Why is it considered "bravado" when its MS but its called "arrogance" when Sony does it? Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm.

rainslacker340d ago

Well....I knew if I said arrogant, I'd have to listen to a tirade from people citing all the times Sony has apparently been arrogant, and I thought I'd use a more appropriate term, since the gaming press, and fanboys vocabulary seems extremely limited.

Godmars290341d ago

Its not that he has/needs Xbox owners, but the attention non-Xbox owners looking for a console.

Sophisticated_Chap341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

You don't know it yet, but you'll be playing on an Xbox next gen son.

Edit: And I'll be playing on PC. Either way you look at it, it's evolution in the making.

SolidGamerX341d ago

Not sure who you're talking to but I definitely won't be gaming on an xbox next gen son and I imagine a lot of other people wont be either.

Obscure_Observer341d ago


"He thinks he has xbox owners on lock - maybe he does, but he ain't getting anywhere near Sony next gen. I'm sure they had the same bullish attitude going into this gen."

They got some PS4 owners "on lock" as well. I´m not saying Playstation gamers will jump ship, no. Just that the next Xbox will be far more attractive than the Xbox one.

That said, i don´t like Greenberg. His comments are always filled with arrogance which he tries and mask as "confidence". If Xbox is doing well, he talks a lot. If things turns bad, he´ll just hide in silence. Penello wasn´t perfect, but i rather have him doing PR over this guy.

xX-oldboy-Xx341d ago

I think they'd be happy selling as many Scarletts as they did xbox one's. They've diluted their brand to the point of insignificance.

If you play ms games - just get a PC. It's that simple.

Greenburg must be a funny fucker to be around because he sure is a train wreck in front of the camera.

Why else would the keep him around?

Obscure_Observer341d ago (Edited 341d ago )


"They've diluted their brand to the point of insignificance."

If that´s was the case, you and most PS fan boys wouldn´t be here. I mean, some people will always feel insecure about their choices. That´s why they´ll try their best to downplay direct competition.

"If you play ms games - just get a PC. It's that simple."

No that simple. Most console gamers don´t care about PC gaming. I´m certainly not. Not anymore.

Besides, 95% of the entire PC userbase can´t even run current gen games on the same level of visuals and performance as the Xbox One X, on their potato rigs, so, don´t get me started on Scarlett games. Lol.

xX-oldboy-Xx341d ago

I'm here trying to rip the blinders off the rest of the xbox one owners who are too stubborn to see what's actually happening.

Everyone is free to spend and do what they want with their money - but fuck me sideways ms have shit the bed the last 10yrs.

How people can even mention them in a positive light is beyond me.

Obscure_Observer340d ago


"How people can even mention them in a positive light is beyond me."

Not to hard to understand, buddy. Nor Sony or Nintendo will give me Halo, Gears, Forzas, Ori, AoE and many, many more games. You see, I´m gamer first so i don´t care if its Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft, every company has something that I want . I have no plans to become a fake PC gamer to please no one.

Gimme the games that I want, and you´ll my money. No strings attached. ;)

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bluefox755341d ago

He'll always have some of them, the diehard. Though they definitely lost a ton this gen to Sony.

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Atticus_finch341d ago

Of course he isn't worried, he will be one of the first ones to go out and buy one when it releases.

SolidGamerX341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

lol, good stuff but honestly you're probably not wrong, I have read interviews with Philly Spencer where he had openly stated he owns and games on Playstation as well as xbox.

bluebenjamin341d ago

Why wouldn’t he buy the the other consoles is that a bad thing? Do you really think you are in a console war lol
Its just games man

timotim341d ago


Actually...he does think that. Very sad indeed.

Obscure_Observer341d ago


"I have read interviews with Philly Spencer where he had openly stated he owns and games on Playstation as well as xbox."

Of course, Phil Spencer is a true gamer. True gamers will never miss good games because of bias. ;)

SolidGamerX341d ago


Where did I say it was a bad thing?

SolidGamerX341d ago


Says the guy always trolling Sony articles and looking to start wars, you are very sad indeed.

The Wood341d ago

'True gamers will never miss good games because of bias'

.....Just cancel them

Jokes aside, whats Greenberg meant to say. Of course he'll put up a front. Behind closed doors he, and people within xbox, know this gen was a massacre. They must also know that Nintendo or Sony wont be resting on their laurels and have better foundations to do well globally.

bluebenjamin341d ago

@ timotim its too obvious that he really admires the Xbox he just dont know how to deal with what he feels so he lashes out like a Solid angry X gamer.

SolidGamerX341d ago (Edited 341d ago )


I really wish Microsoft gave me a reason to admire xbone but they haven't, outside of Flight Simulator which I will play on PC they haven't had anything that I find interesting and the latest stuff they've show is terrible and clearly just gamepass filler stuff, no thanks. I guess if having an opinion that doesn't side with yours is considered "lashing out" by you then yourself and your pal timo seem to do a lot of lashing out at anything Sony related, guess that means you admire Playstation.

timotim341d ago

Where do you see a Sony article? This thread is about what an XBOX employee said haha.

SolidGamerX340d ago (Edited 340d ago )


Oh so you're gonna pretend you weren't in every PSNow, Days Gone, and Death Stranding article just to name a few, trying to trash them and downplay and concern troll about things like product placement. Good try bud but everyone can see your comment history so leave those goal posts where they were ok. If anyone around here is always trying to start a console war its you and you were already warned to knock it off but I guess you're gonna have to learn the hard way.

FYI all I said above was Phil Spencer games on Playstation as well as xbox which he himself has said, I never said anything negative and never claimed it was a bad thing as your pal bluebenjamin tried to insinuate yet both he and you got triggered and attacked my comment like a couple of bullies and you want to say I'm the one who thinks there's a console war when you guys act like that, you're such a hypocrite.

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Xaevi341d ago

I think at this point Xbox has found a place in the console market, but nothing is ever permanent. These sort of comments are very dumb if that's exactly what he said. PlayStation is ahead, and Xbox isn't in a position to overtake or even get on the same level. Some may Spencer is more of a suit than a gamer due to his appearance but you can't deny that there's been a serious shake up. Took forever but there is reason to be more optimistic about the future of Xbox. Put the fanboy aside, personally I hope to see the day I actually want to buy an Xbox or even just a Microsoft published IP