How To Get The Double Bladed Lightsaber Early

In this Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order guide you will learn how to get the double-bladed lightsaber early on in the game.

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340d ago
Gamehard339d ago

Man that's a bit of a spoiler to just be a headline. Glad I already got to that point in the game but some people might have wanted it to be a surprise.

TechnoGoat339d ago

I'll save you time, Go to Dathomir first.

Harryvok339d ago

Many people are having the game freeze/bug out on Dathomir when they go to the workbench and although it mentions the double bladed lightsaber in a tutorial box that pops up, they don't actually unlock the ability due to the bug. Hope they fix it for those pope soon.

traumadisaster339d ago

How do you get the pre order stuff? I preordered the delux digital version from GameStop.

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