Here's every winner from this year's Golden Joystick Awards, including the Ultimate Game of the Year


From Best Audio to the Ultimate Game of the Year itself, millions of people participated in The Golden Joysticks Awards online voting to show some love to their favourite titles of the last 12 months, and we've got the final results listed right here. Read on below for the full breakdown of winners, and see where your top picks of the year ended up.

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ZeekQuattro1654d ago

Resident Evil 2 earned it. Well done.

TGGJustin1654d ago

Yeah I'm pretty sure Resident Evil 2 will be the overall GOTY this year. It already has 2 of them.

cooperdnizzle1652d ago

Death stranding is the gonna win a lot. It’s my game of the year, followed by re2.

-Foxtrot1654d ago


Well deserved, they really need to continue with this and how they approached it.

Epic? Really

TGGJustin1654d ago

Yeah that was one of the worst choices they could make. Like how is it not Capcom who had RE2, DMC5, Monster Hunter World Iceborne etc.

monkey6021654d ago

Regardless of how anyone feels about Fortnite, it's downright ignorant not to see how much effort Epic put into the game over the last 2 years. They consistently update it and keep it rewarding and fresh for its fan base. Best developer of the year? Maybe not my choice but don't all holier than thou over it

I'd actually agree with Justin and say Capcom had a storming year

NeoGamer2321653d ago

This is actually a really good model for re-makes going forward. RE2 set the bar for re-makes and I hope that pubishers look at their older IPs and do more of this with them. There are a lot of games that I would like to see from the past re-built from the ground up in future generations using all the capabilities of the generation to modernize them.

Profchaos1653d ago

Agreed but I'd love an old school run mode with damage turned the right up that gives you the option to pop zombie heads the entire way through.
The changes to re made it feel more about resource control and less about horror which is fine but an additional mode just for fun would have been great