WorthPlaying Review - 'Golden Axe: Beast Rider'

WorthPlaying: "Beast Rider attempts to toss a bit more complexity into its hack-and-slash mechanic and still manages to keep things accessible with a color-coded counter system. When an enemy gets ready to take a swing and his weapon glows orange, the attack can be dodged (left bumper), and when it glows blue, the attack can be countered (right bumper). Timed exactly right, a successful counter will allow Tyris to let loose a cinematic Brutal counter, tearing an opponent apart in one swift animation. During the first few levels, I was actually having a good deal of fun with the combat, as it was easy to pick up and start pulling off sick counters, but as time went on, the system's flaws became apparent.

A variety of enemies gets tossed into the mix during Beast Rider, eventually becoming heavily armored, but aside from shamans who summon magic and boulders, the strategies remain largely the same. Things get to be incredibly monotonous when the game begins sticking the player in small areas and forcing them to fight wave after wave of enemies, all which require the same tactics. The countering system seems to falter a bit when larger amounts of baddies are present, as Tyris must be directly facing an opponent to pull off a counter or dodge, so when surrounded, attacks coming from any other direction cannot be blocked. The occasional boss fight is a nice change, and the ones faced are of an imposing scale, but their patterns of attack get to be repetitive, just like the rest of the combat."

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