Death Stranding’s product placement is an act of vandalism

Energy drink company Monster Beverage has an unpleasant history

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naruga317d ago

while a polygon article i must agree with the opinion ....MOnster enrgy product placement in the game is so bad taste!! leaves cringy negative feelings everytime you sit in your room ....completely wrong descision from Kojima there

317d ago
Leeroyw317d ago

It's hard to defend this kind of product placement. No doubt people here will try.

Knushwood Butt317d ago

It's odd there's no uproar about the product placement in the Yakuza games.

BlackDoomAx317d ago

Another monster hater... Go back drinking your obsolete water !

rainslacker317d ago

Why defend, when only people who care are those that are trying to bring the game down?

I couldn't care less. it's either a paid advertisement, or some generic drink he made up himself. Might as well get paid to put it in, and help fund the game.

It's not like every shot has the drink it it.

Traecy317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

I don't buy Monster drinks or any kind of energy drinks but it's somewhat beneficiary to the character in the game so I don't care or care about it's history. Though energy drinks like Monster aren't good for you & folks shouldn't drink them.

rainslacker317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

I think the drink itself is disgusting myself. Taste like flat soda that's been warmed up, then recarbonated, then pissed in, then mixed with mountain dew of various flavors, put back into a can that had the inside licked by a goat, had that can sit out in the sun all day, poured out again onto a pile of brown and yellow snow, had that snow melted down, recarbonated again, then sealed up into the above mentioned can which sat in a pool of the water that's left inside one's kitchen sink disposal, then sent to the store. But, that's just me. Would also explain why they're so ridiculously overpriced.

But, the way I look at it, if it wasn't a known product, then would anyone say anything about it's inclusion? Like if Kojima had just created it for the game itself?

If people wouldn't have cared if it was some genericly created thing, then what really is the difference if it's a branded product? I can think of a lot of Japanese anime, or even TV shows in the west, which use genericly branded products, and no one bats an eye. Some even become their own meme or actual product in the real world. But, make it a branded product that's known, and now it's bad.

I won't lie. I do think overuse of product placement is annoying, because it tends to get highlighted too much. But the odd ball one here or there has never been that bothersome to me.

Traecy317d ago

Your first paragraph was funny as hell!!

Nodoze317d ago

So is Polygon. It is now a virtue signaling social justice gaming site. They should just quit and go grab a sign so they could spend time protesting (the president, the environment, the pain of it all).

PressPlayBros317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

You would think that a website running on income from advertisements might understand. With the level of actors and production, I'm SURE the budget for this game was huge. If monster helped get ANY of that done, or the ad for Norman's show helped in landing him, I would take that any fuckin day. I like monster any ways, so for me it was cool having it in the game. On the other hand I've never watched Normans motorcycle version of comedians in cars getting coffee before this game and I won't watch it now because of an advert as a glorified shower curtain. Get over yourself. Side Note* Those cans are the most beautiful fuckin cans I've ever seen in gaming, they look so real lol.

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