How Game Pass is Transforming Xbox

There are a lot of Xbox games in the works.

Halo, Ori, Age of Empires, Flight Simulator, Bleeding Edge, Battletoads, Everwild, Tell Me Why, Gears Tactics, Grounded... and there's more to be announced. Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, tells us that they'll be further reveals before Christmas and even more in early 2020.

Some of the titles seem quite risky, but Microsoft says that Game Pass eliminates some of that risk. There's no longer that worry whether gamers will be willing to spend $60 on a new title, and so the commercial pressures are reduced when choosing whether to commission something or not.

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timotim341d ago

Game Pass has a chance to transform the gaming industry. Especially when we think about most people consume and acquire their games.

Immagaiden341d ago

Since when was Age of Empires an Xbox franchise?

timotim341d ago

Since Xbox became a brand for gaming at Microsoft and not just the name of a console...

Immagaiden341d ago

Games part of the brand need to release on the platform of the namesake of the brand itself first

ufo8mycat341d ago

I agree. Even though overall the PS4 is a far superior platform, two things that XBox does better :

Controller - The PS4 controller layout is such an outdated design. It was designed with dpad still being the primary way to play games, hence why the analog stick is at the bottom. Now analog is the primary way to play games, yet it is still on the bottom. Not ergonomically sound either.
Thankfully I can use the ChronosMAX PLUS adapter, that allows me to use the XBOne controller on PS4.

Gamepass - At THAT price and you can cancel at anytime and play all the games you want. Sony you need to step up in this area.

FyBy341d ago

Its same like buying blurays vs netflix.It is certainly good move to have everything as a service....for some people :-)