Why Metal Gear Solid Deserves a Remake

Metal Gear Solid deserves a next gen remake to show off where the series comes from and what it can do.

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bunt-custardly316d ago

A complete overhaul but with the same story I'm in. I am all for playing the same games over again with prettier graphics, but since Twin Snakes I feel this game would benefit from having a complete gameplay overhaul to make it feel fresh. Still keep the Stealth Action Gameplay but make Shadow Moses more open ended. New areas to cross, larger hangers etc. Make it a bigger game now that it's free from the constraints of the PSONE era hardware.

Smitty2020316d ago

iv been waiting for years

CosmicTurtle316d ago

The Twin Snakes remake was surprisingly bad. I still have a copy.

PhoenixUp316d ago

So does Twin Snakes suddenly not exist