Xbox Game Pass - X019 - Announcing New Games

Announcing new games coming to Xbox Game Pass on console and PC this holiday and in 2020.

Titles include multiple Yakuza and Final Fantasy games in 2020.

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Kribwalker477d ago

Wow, the best deal in gaming keeps getting better

Palitera477d ago

My XB1 is turned off for years, but it's hard to argue against this... Amazing deal getting even better.
Nothing like being beaten to a pulp for years to develop some very needed modesty.

Atom666477d ago

Yep. Nintendo got an ass kicking, and now they rebounded to my benefit too. Hopefully Xbox's beating leads to a similar rebound.

GP and the X got me back to their ecosystem to finish out this generation, but I'm not ready to buy into their next gen just yet. Good direction though.

chiefJohn117477d ago

It's always like that, that's why competition is needed. All 3 have gotten humbled and came back with a ton a fan service. These companies often get complacent when they dominate

Spurg477d ago

Whoever unsubs is a nutter

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Spurg477d ago

One thing I'm disappointed by is the disparity between Console and PC. I wanted to play Remnant on PC rather than Console.

chiefJohn117477d ago

ROFL don't ask me why I'm laughing

King_Noctis476d ago

I agree. The selection of games should be similar if not the same across PC and Xbox devices.

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