Xbox Game Pass - X019 - Announcing New Games

Announcing new games coming to Xbox Game Pass on console and PC this holiday and in 2020.

Titles include multiple Yakuza and Final Fantasy games in 2020.

Kribwalker1712d ago

Wow, the best deal in gaming keeps getting better

Palitera1712d ago

My XB1 is turned off for years, but it's hard to argue against this... Amazing deal getting even better.
Nothing like being beaten to a pulp for years to develop some very needed modesty.

Atom6661712d ago

Yep. Nintendo got an ass kicking, and now they rebounded to my benefit too. Hopefully Xbox's beating leads to a similar rebound.

GP and the X got me back to their ecosystem to finish out this generation, but I'm not ready to buy into their next gen just yet. Good direction though.

chiefJohn1171712d ago

It's always like that, that's why competition is needed. All 3 have gotten humbled and came back with a ton a fan service. These companies often get complacent when they dominate

Spurg1712d ago

Whoever unsubs is a nutter

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Spurg1712d ago

One thing I'm disappointed by is the disparity between Console and PC. I wanted to play Remnant on PC rather than Console.

chiefJohn1171712d ago

ROFL don't ask me why I'm laughing

King_Noctis1712d ago

I agree. The selection of games should be similar if not the same across PC and Xbox devices.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Patch 1.040 Now Available for Download

Stay updated with the latest FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH news! Learn about the new Version 1.040 update, featuring critical bug fixes.

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M3talDiamond49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

No mention of fixing the audio issues the dialogue audio is too low this has been reported many times on social media the volume has to be turned up and music has to be lowered to hear the characters properly :(

Babadook747d ago

I have a question as someone who is considering buying the game soon. Is this a fixable issue? Can you just lower the volume for music and sound effects and keep dialog at default?

shadowT47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

yes, it is no issue at all. Just go into settings. Do you have already played the first Remake or the OG?

M3talDiamond47d ago

There are a few youtube videos and reddit tips with some tips on fixing the sound issues but sadly they didnt work for me

M3talDiamond47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

@Babadook7 There are a few videos on youtube with tips on how to fix the dialogue audio this but sadly they didnt work for me. There is an option to lower the music and sfx and keep the dialogue audio at 10 but you have to keep the volume up high (well for my TV I do) but when you are in battles and cutscenes the audio is higher so you have to adjust the audio again.
@shadowT The audio issues doesnt affect everyone there are some people on reddit complaining about the audio and there are other people saying they dont have any issues at all. I think it depends on the TV I have a Samsung QLED 4K and FF7 Rebirth is the only game I have audio issues with.

Babadook747d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Thanks for the answers all.

@Shadow yeah I have the Remake and finished it and loved it (loved the OG also back in the day). My understanding is this is even better than Remake.

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shadowT47d ago

GOTY contender got even better!


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Understands That A Tonberry Is The Scariest Thing In The World

The tiny green slasher villain returns in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and is as frightening as ever.

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MeteorPanda78d ago

The way it was handled was so dumb. One shots in melee...your teammates are to ostupid to get away from its attack. So you most often end up alone in a certain fight.

Hofstaderman78d ago

Two words, one accessory....Safety Bit

MeteorPanda78d ago

Needing an accessory to keep a.i from dying and only one of them isnt great.


Original Final Fantasy 7 - Is it Worth Playing in 2024?

Final Fantasy 7 has come back under the spotlight thanks to the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but is it worth replaying the original?

kevco33106d ago


But actually still yes.

ravens52105d ago

Got to Zacks part in 7 Rebirth. Said f it. Finishing my game in 7 og. Just got to part 2 yesterday. I also got Crisis Core... So it'll be a while before I'm back to Rebirth. I just keep thinking about it too smh, want to get back to playing it. Not till I know Zacks story though. I beat 7 og sooooooo long ago, it's crazy going through it again and remembering things.