Console Christmas Gaming Must Haves

GamerLimit writes: "Every year kids (and adults that wish they were still kids) make lists of what they what for Christmas. This year there are tons of great titles to enjoy. We're here to help you along with that list. Here are some of the great games of the year for any system."

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Fullish5637d ago

Christmas Phoenix, nice ;)


Fallout Anthology Edition Looks Pretty S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

The Fallout Anthology Edition is coming to PC very soon, and is packaged with some very S.P.E.C.I.A.L. bonuses.

-Foxtrot8d ago

It’s an awful downgrade to the last one they did

They included physical disc back then

ocelot076d ago

Forgot I ordered this until I got the dispatch email.

FPS_D3TH6d ago

I want the first two games to come to iPhone/android

Friendlygamer6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

I would love the classic fallout games on console. Closest I could find was atom rpg, I liked that one a lot

saint_seya6d ago

I though it was a new Killzone when i saw the image, looks like a hellghast..


Fallout 3 And Fallout New Vegas Come Free On Amazon Luna

Getting free games is never a bad thing and Amazon Luna has new offerings for Fallout fans looking for free adventures in the Wasteland.


Infamous Video Game Endings That Left a Bad Taste

The most disappointing and infamous video game endings even sour the overall thoughts of a game. Most of these titles represent some of the finest entries in their respective series, marred by an ending we can't quite forgive.

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banger8816d ago

Far Cry 5....bullshit. This game had a great ending imo.

MrNinosan15d ago

There is no game called Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, but Rebirth had a great ending imo. Felt robbed by the ending at first, but the more I've seen it and during my 3rd playthrough, I started to understand and realize a lot more that make me appreciate the ending.

Nerdmaster15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

I was enjoying FFVII Remake, even though those whispers throughout the game were annoying. But the ending was so bad that I don't even want to play Rebirth. On top of that, from what I saw on reviews, the ending of Rebirth is even worse.

Also, I'm glad to see Zero Time Dilemma being recognized as the trainwreck it is. After the amazing two first games (especially the near perfect second one), the low quality of the trilogy end is baffling. The new characters are bad, the old characters don't feel like themselves, a surprise "alien technology" pops out of nowhere, the big twist was like "eh?", and it doesn't really finish the story nor explains the loose threads from the second game.