Blood of Bahamut Confirmed For Nintendo DS

Blood of Bahamut, the game which was announced via a countdown yesterday, has had a sneak peak revealed in this month's edition of Jump magazine. The magazine has confirmed that the game will be made for the Nintendo DS and that it is likely to be an Action RPG.

Scans after the jump.

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mephman5314d ago

After seeing the screens, I'm still not sure what to make of this title. It certainly looks interesting though.

gaffyh5314d ago

Oh God, as usual the image they use to promote the game looks awesome, but the game will look crap because of the DS. Don't get me wrong, I own a DS and it's good although I haven't played a game on it for months, but I'd rather have a game with better graphics on PSP, 360 or PS3.

robotnik5314d ago (Edited 5314d ago )

meh , they can shove it up where the sun doesnt shine.

Skywalker3335314d ago (Edited 5314d ago )

after having high hopes for a remake of Bahamut Lagoon on a home console (ps2, ps3, xbox 360 and Wii), there they go and release a bahamut game on the DS...
Damn you Square!
Bahamut Lagoon is one of the greatest jrpgs ever, if you are making a sequel, do make it on a home console where we can enjoy really high production values.

Foxgod5314d ago

Maybe they dont have any talent left to put on a high quality project, the people working on DS games are usually the less experienced ones.

Because creating handheld games is a good way to get enough experience, to be able to work on larger projects.

SE already got a lot of talen working on other projects, FF13, FF13V, Last remnant, etch

Bnet3435314d ago

Ahh yes Bahamut Lagoon, the first SNES RPG I played on an emulator. :)

CloudsEnd5314d ago

Someone should beat you up so badly for that sentence! Lol!

Menchi5314d ago

Bleh, just another DS title... Disappointing.

New IP for the handhelds, and remakes/ports for the consoles... GG SE

Skyreno5314d ago

SO..........ummm...... yeah that SUCKS !!!! " %#$#)%^%(%" you SQUARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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