Demand soars for PlayStation, Nintendo and Sega games from 1980s and 90s

Forget Fifa and Fortnite – retro video games are among the most valuable on the market as children of the 1980s and 90s try to relive their youth.

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ApocalypseShadow317d ago (Edited 317d ago )

Good. I've done the same thing lately of playing Sega and Super Nintendo games and even fan created video games based on that era. When games were about instant fun without the baggage.

It was some of the best gaming at the time. Complete games, no patches because the games had to work from beginning to end and developers used game testers and not gamers as free employees, no micro transactions, no internet opinions, no loot boxes, no online only or online connection required to play single player games, couch co-op, boxes and cases with that new smell of manuals you could read on the toilet.

It wasn't perfect times. But was definitely some of the best of times.

Edit: couldn't read the damn article because it's asking me to do a survey to have access to read it. Total BS. Or is that only happening on my phone.

316d ago
rainslacker316d ago

From what I can tell, demand is about what it's always been. Prices are about what they've been for a decade now....overpriced....and they have about as much available to buy as they've always had, with about as much not selling due to inflated prices as they always do.

Retro collecting really went down when the notion that retro games are worth a lot more than they really are started making the rounds. I look out for deals when I see them, but when I see games with 100 copies for sale, all of them being poor to fair, all priced half as much as a newly released game, or sometimes more, then I just have to shake my head and wish the prospector market would just go away.