Death Stranding is the Biggest New IP Launch in Japan This Generation

Death Stranding has set a new record for the biggest launch sales of a new IP in Japan this generation. Its launch is very impressive, mainly because the game is a brand new and purposefully weird IP, which is a lot different from the previous works of Hideo Kojima.

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I_am_Batman435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

Here's hoping that it sells well in Europe and US too. A bunch of idiots are trying to smear the game and get it to flop. It's tempting to get involved it these discussions, but I'd rather finish it first and have time to reflect on it before putting a conclusive opinion out there. I think that many players think the same way. Hopefully the trolls get tired at some point and more reasonable opinions will start to propagtate more.

xX-oldboy-Xx434d ago

As it should - it's a fantastic game, different to what's available elsewhere. It just keeps giving the longer you play - on track to becoming a true classic.

PCgamer98434d ago

Where I live I didn't saw a line during the release date of the game but I do hope it sells well. Eventhough the game isn't for everyone but I do love that it isn't trying to be another copy paste formulaic open world game.

Nodoze434d ago

I ignored the reviews. We live in a world in which Empty Calories are preferred to fine dining. With that said I went in only having viewed the trailers (not including the release trailer which I did not want to spoil story). The production values are absolutely unbelievable. Jaw dropping. The scenery, the tech, the setting. I already want to savor and sip upon what is on offer as it is just that good. It can be emotionally trying to play (in a good way).

For those that can appreciate what is on offer here, this is simply stunning and should not be missed.

For those that want mindless online mayhem and instant in your face gunplay....move on. Go play Fortnite.