Banjo-Kazooie: Every Game In The Series, Ranked

Rareware's bear and bird team known as Banjo-Kazooie has had a number of games (including cameos!), and here’s a ranking of them all.

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Juusterey343d ago

Nuts and bolts not at the bottom?
bad list
expect nothing less from thegamer though

mikefizzled1343d ago

Nonsense. I'll concede that it's not a true Banjo sequel like people wanted but it took the concept and executed in a fun and interesting way. The two games that isn't above were forgettable at best.

BadElf343d ago

Yup. Nuts and Bolts should not be mentioned with BK.
To be fair, its a DECENT, unique game...but not a Banjo gsme

Teflon02343d ago

Nuts and Bolts isn't a "Horrible game. But it is a horrible Banjo game. If you want banjo, you'll get nothing but disappointment.

It would be last on my list too personally. Banjo Pilot was okay, and GR was good enough for what it was. Atleast felt like banjo.
Tooie is personally my favourite Banjo game. Kazooie was great too. But I felt like the stages felt too small. Atleast in Mario 64 you were booted from stages every star so it didn't make it fell small. but I felt Tooie was perfect in size for me. Loved the overworld so much more too. OHH and I think the first stage in Tooie had my fav music in the series lol

343d ago