The smaller Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex isn't all bad news

GR: "Fans have been livid about the limited Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex, but there is some upside to a more limited roster even if it won't likely pacify those that are currently bummed out."

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RosweeSon1674d ago

Make Pokemon bank free would be a start


Fixing Pokemon Sword and Shield's story with hidden details

NE: "Pokemon Sword and Shield have a confusing story, and today, we're discussing how we can use details from the anime to make it make sense."

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Best Pokémon Games for Nintendo Switch

If you are new to the Pokémon universe or just bought a Switch, you might be wondering: what are the best Pokémon games for Nintendo Switch?

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Kicking Off Pokémon Scarlet/Violet: Top 9 Starter Pokémon Across All Generations

Every Pokémon trainer's journey begins with the difficult choice of Starter Pokémon. CGM has compiled a list of all the very best ones to choose no matter which game you start with.

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