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Pokemon Sword and Shield are the best games in the series, streamlining its most tedious traditions without losing any of the charm.

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Old McGroin627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

Ok then, not canceling my preorder! That's a relief, was hoping all the prelaunch venom was BS, glad it was.

Juusterey627d ago're really that dependant on IGN ?

Old McGroin627d ago

You're right, I should value your opinion more 😂😂😂

mikeslemonade627d ago

Looks like the haters are wrong. 93 ign, 90 GameSpot, and 88 gameinformer.

Juusterey627d ago

"so the haters were wrong because a few people decided it was good?

TK-66627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

You're right.... let's wait for IGN Iceland, Spain, Italy, and Kenya's take on it before we go pre-ordering/s

CDbiggen627d ago


Lmao, thanks for the laugh.

Teflon02627d ago

I mean it's 81 on Metacritic. Not a bad score no. But These ppl on N4G would shhh on a PS Exclusive not over 85

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KeenBean345627d ago

Even if ign reviewed it negatively you shouldn't cancel your pre order, always play it yourself and form your own opinion. Can't tell you how many games reviewed bad but I've enjoyed

Bleucrunch627d ago

the problem with that is, if you do not like, you cannot return it. Video games don't have that kind of return policy.

Stopac627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

@bleucrunch well if Gamestop is doing their guaranteed to love it on this title like they did on death stranding You got 48 hours from release day to get a full refund in trade credit. Which you could I dunno spend on Jedi fallen order or something else that’s good. Dunno if you have a gs in your area though, I wish more retailers had that policy so we would all feel safe buying games day one.

EDIT: just called my local gs, they are doing it. You have til the end of business day on the 17th to return it for full retail value in trade credit.

CaptainCook627d ago

"You got 48 hours from release day to get a full refund in trade credit."

I already did that with Death Stranding, I got Need for Speed: Heat instead.

Stopac627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

@captaincook yeah that's the point, I dunno why people are downvoting us, this is a great thing. Returning a new game used for full price and buying something else from the same gamestore, hell yeah why can't all the retailers do that?!

I mean think about that, they might get your sale, but then that gamestore will try to sell that used copy over the new copy and when they do the gamestore gets that sale not gamefreak. And then the next person will probably return it and so on and so forth. Put your money where your mouth is people.

and if you like then game, just keep it, win/win!

RosweeSon627d ago

Yeah a review shouldn’t be a deciding factor your own personal tastes interests should always be a priority if your go enjoy it grab it for sure ;)
Just don’t understand all these reviews haven’t finished the game. So stupid 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Luckily only paid £33 for mine with the steelbook think I’ll get my money back if it’s that terrible haha

georeo627d ago

Which one did you enjoy that were bad to them? Me, God hand was good.

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Juusterey627d ago

that's what i said
kinda weird that you're using Ign reviews as your reasoning for not cancelling a preorder

link2Dpast627d ago

I mean they’ve been here since the N64 era, there not perfect but they’ve got some legitimacy to there opinions. You’ve forsaken this game without even giving it a go. I bet you’ll love it if you actually try it and stop judging anything in general because of he say she say type of ordeal.

Sono421626d ago

Honestly, this is so disappointing. At this point one of my favorite series of all time is going to remain below average forever.

THIS IS THE TOP GROSSING FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME, with the games being a MAJOR backbone to that franchise, if you can honestly tell me that these games look like the quality that they sell, you're lying to yourself, you have parts of the game LITERALLY looking like an N64 game, you have models and animations ripped STRAIGHT from the 3DS games (Besides the new pokemon of course) Now you would think with more than half of ALL pokemon cut, you would see IMPROVEMENTS, but where are they? Clearly not to the world, not to the pokemon, not to the animations, not to the "story" so where did all of the millions upon millions of dollars get spent? Where is the justification for this being a $60 game? Games released annually have more improvements than this. The pokemon series has grown so stagnant it's sad. Giving this game a 9.3 is an absolute joke.

All of this, plus the fact they still do the EXTREMELY scummy practice of releasing 2 different versions, of THE SAME GAME, just they each have pokemon exclusive to them, as well as Gyms, SERIOUSLY HOW IS NITNENDO STILL NOT GETTING CALLED OUT ON THIS IN 2019?! They literally must have most media paid off, they can't all actually be this biased.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro627d ago

You do know that this is just 1 person's opinion? The way you talk about this almost seems like it's straight up yours.

King_Noctis627d ago

But he can always go to Metacritic and see other’s opinions as well.

ShadowWolf712626d ago

Maybe their opinion tends to align more with IGN's reviews?

I mean that's part of the point of reviewers. You find a critic with tastes similar to your own and you can better tell whether or not you're likely to enjoy a game.

pwnmaster3000627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

Yeah never understood the hate.. like people got mad for random encounters leaving. Fuck that. I’m glad it’s not random anymore tbh. This might be my first Pokémon game in awhile.

The only thing I don’t like is the starters evolutions... I usually go fo the water Pokémon but it honestly looks like crap. I guess I’ll go with the grass.

I’m also going off the leaks so hopefully those leaks are wrong

cemelc627d ago

Lol wait for user reviews xD

This is going to get wreck

X-Alchemist627d ago

Literally cut half the Dex and gets 9/10 but death stranding gets a 6 lol ign are absolute Nintendo shills

phoenixwing627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

Death stranding by ign: full game delivered to you in the form of death stranding with lots of small touches and going the extra mile. 6/10
Pokemon by ign: half baked game with lazy animations texturing half the pokedex missing, easily finished in 15 hours can easily over level without trying and endgame content measuring 3 hours with even that being half baked attempt compared to past entries. Basically a game on the level of a handheld without console level polish. 9.3/10

And this is why i say ign is terrible for game reviews. It's also why i say nintendo gets a free pass.

rainslacker627d ago

It's just one of those things that makes it apparent that IGN is highly inconsistent in it's editorial review standards, and shouldn't be taken seriously. Even when they give good scores to games that I would agree with, I don't talk about how they're the end all be all of authority on reviews like some people do when the score happens to line up with their own agenda.

Even if it's different people reviewing, the site itself should set some sort of standard.

King_Noctis627d ago

Are we gonna get reviews from IGN Spain, IGN Latin American, IGN Mexico, and IGN Netherlands as well?

You should wait for those reviews before decide to not cancel your preorder.

RosweeSon627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

They haven’t even finished the game. They are claiming it’s the best in the series but haven’t even completed post game and all so how can that be an honest reflection you don’t watch half a movie and go yeah it’s the best in the trilogy or listen to 2-3 songs and review and entire album it’s ridiculous. They go at least another 20/30 hours before they needed to post that review. Which if the games not even been fully played isn’t worth the paper it’s written on so to speak.

CorndogBurglar626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

You do you, man. The game looks great and its getting good reviews.

This is exactly what I was talking about in the Death Stranding article when it launched

Death Stranding gets good reviews? Everyone suddenly values review scores.

Pokemon gets good reviews? Suddenly reviews don't count.

I understand IGN gave Death Steanding a 6/10, which is criminal. So IGN is probably not a good source for review scores. But the reviews for this are good across the board. It just goes to show how people form their own opinions about games before they even play them themselves and if other opinions don't match theirs, then they are wrong lol.

ShadowWolf712626d ago

I'd say that's a bit generous for DS tbh but... -shrug-

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Krangs_Uncle627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

These undubbed cut scenes and animations are atrocious.. If this game was released on PS4 in this state it would be having its ass hole torn out with every review..

Neonridr627d ago

since when has Pokemon had high quality voice acted cuscenes?

Krangs_Uncle627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

Did I ever say they did? You're right, maybe things should NEVER CHANGE FOR THE BETTER...


Maybe they should start since we are in the era of modern day gaming, and the animated series and films are all voiced appropriately.

No mention of the atrocious animations from you.. Glad to see you agree.

Nyxus627d ago

That doesn't mean they couldn't try...

Brave_Losers_Unite627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

Never, which is why he is saying they suck

Neonridr627d ago

but since when did high quality voice acted cutscenes dictate whether a game was good or not?

as for the animations I don't get my copy until Friday. I will actually play the game, since you know, I own a Switch. But thanks for being the typical armchair quarterback Krangs. Glad to see you have a valid opinion for watching a few videos and reading other people's words.

-Foxtrot627d ago

That's the now, it should have evolved

Neonridr627d ago

@Foxtrot - I wouldn't have any issues with them going that route for future entries, but that in no way automatically makes a game better / worse. Zelda had never had voice acting until the last game, and that was never a problem with their games.

Krangs_Uncle627d ago

I, you know, own a switch too, actually... If you can tell me a way to prove it then I will.

I have watched the first 70 minutes and can tell you that the animations are atrocious, and my opinion is that the un-dubbed cut scenes make everything feel very out of place - my opinion.

"But thanks for being the typical armchair quarterback." - Rich.

Neonridr627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

@Krangs - have you ever played a pokemon game before? Did the lack of voice acted cutscenes make everything feel out of place in every previous entry? Oh my apologies, you watched some videos..

Krangs_Uncle627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

This is their 1st console attempt, so you would think it might be time to progress to a level that seems a bit more coherent with the films and animated series.. If you are happy with it, then good for you - to me it looks lazy.

My main point was that if this had released for the ps4, with these animations and cut scenes (un-dubbed), it would certainly be a big focus in reviews.

Neonridr627d ago

@Krangs - plenty of animations in the game look fantastic, the game world looks so much more colorful and vibrant. I am not saying there aren't problems with the game, plenty of people have the right to be upset about missing features or pokemons. Maybe they will build on this for the next entry, who knows.

But all I know is I am going to play the game, and then formulate my opinion. Too many people on this site just want to hate on it even though they don't even own a Switch to begin with or had zero interest in playing the game.

Krangs_Uncle627d ago

To be honest I'm still getting this game for my kid at Xmas; my point was of a different nature.

Have fun with it.

Realms627d ago

Um that's the point they don't because they don't get criticized for it. If Sony or MS did that they would get hammered and you know it. It's Nintendo they make fun games they don't need to try because people will praise them and god for bid anyone dare call them out on it because fanboys like you will defend them. Surly Nintendo associated games don't get graded by a different scale specially at places like IGN.

Teflon02627d ago

From when I first got 3DS when OoT3D released. I joined a 3ds blog to get with some of the community like how the PSblog was because that was really active back then. So I wanted to be in one for it too. These little people basically just attacked any criticism at all. If you say your game froze. It's your fault. If a game doesn't run well, it's because you're weird because they don't see a issue. They went crazy when I said the atmosphere of the original OoT was better even if 3D is a better game because they ruined stuff like the darkness in the first dungeon boss area etc. Didn't give off that same wtf feel

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rainslacker627d ago

Games for portables have different standards. Plus, it's Pokemon. It's not exactly known for cutting edge....well anything.

zeuanimals627d ago

Doesn't mean they shouldn't try. And it's for the Switch, which can handle BOTW.

Teflon02627d ago

Digimon Cyber Sleuth and hackers memories are PS Vita games. That's all I'm going to say. They were ported to ps4, switch and PC and it's not different versions. They're essentially the same across the board and they had more of an effort put in. Also games like Uncharted Golden Abyss exist, so I don't think that makes sense. Switch can play a toned down witcher 3, PS Vita was able to play plenty of games that was more impressive technically than this. GameFreak has always been behind and they need to step it up. This is just bad and I'm glad people are finally calling them on the BS

Segata626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

Why don't you check out Yokai Watch 4 or Cybersleuth games. They have more effort put into them. The switch isn't 3DS. The switch has games like Warframe. Doom. Wolfenstein. BOTW. Witcher 3. Astral Chain. Xenoblade 2 and a ton more demanding games that are just console games on the go.

Warframe, Astral Chain and BOTW have really great animations. Hell, even a low budget PS3 port of Shining Refrain the main character when running when you turn around he slides to a stop and his feet have to full turn around. Not on a slide like this. If PS3 RPG with a fraction of the budget can do it then so can Pokemon. Cyberslueth games are PS Vita games and have a shit ton more effort put into them.

Bruh627d ago

Ahh my friend you made the mistake of assuming that Game Freak is actually up to building a console quality title. This is literally an upscaled 3DS game loll. Literally besides the wild area, there is nothing technically outstanding from the 3DS titles. Considering the Switch can run the Witcher 3 and DQ:11, this game is a joke

TheGamez100627d ago

Hmmm, considering how ridiculously popular pokemon is, voiced cutscenes would be great. The games need a proper AAA evolution like monster hunter. But

Good-Smurf627d ago

One game was criticized for being Kojima just being himself pushing the boundaries of play.
And one dodged almost all of its flaws because its Pokemon and a big fan reviewed it.
See the problem here,they reward a lazy developer with less of the same old and sub par animation and graphics.
The push for this game by the media was biased as hell and it will be at worst if it manage to win game of the year.

Segata626d ago

You're right..unless it was done by Kojima then would get a 10/10 and say all this BS is just his genius. A lot of crap gets a free pass. Not defending the review. This series has always looked like the most barebones someone's first RPG to me. Where people play Pokemon I was playing Shin Megami Tensei. Point is a lot of devs get free passes. Bugthesda makes 3/10 at best games the last decade and still get 9's and 10s even tho their games if in that state by anyone else would be a 30 on meta.

OMNlPOTENT626d ago

So games like the last of us are forgiven for their extremely boring gameplay due to their amazing story and graphics but other games would get their ass hole torn out? People hail last of us as best game of all time on this site even if the gameplay is absolutely dreadful to play. Calm down, anything Sony is praised on this website. Even Days Gone which I took you guys’ advice and tried to play it and it was just as bad as the reviews said.

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Juusterey627d ago

Praise ign
they've always been great
never had any complaints at all

telekineticmantis627d ago

Please explain: The reviewer said: Half the Pokemon- Uninteresting Open World- Bad Cutscenes(nitpicks) vs Respect your time(?) Less monotony- Charm- = 9.3?

Juusterey627d ago

I just mean that suddenly ign is seen as an amazing source for reviews
never seen them get this much positive attention
but they review pokemon well and suddenly their so beloved

telekineticmantis627d ago

It's the wording though:
Since when has Uninteresting Open worlds, Half the Content, and Bad Cutscenes been considered "nitpicks"?
Is nostalgia that strong, what about those that don't have enough nostalgia to enjoy that?

Kribwalker627d ago

It sounds like playstation lifestyle’s review of death stranding. Boring, frustrating-9.5

Arty84627d ago

Yup never seen one controversy from that fine site and staff

626d ago
Ricegum627d ago


I mean we could have what happened with Gears 5 and have TheXboxAddict give it 10/10 with no proper cons at all, while it sits at 81 on Metacritic. These Xbox sites don't even try to hide their bias.

YodaCracker627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

84 on Metacritic (higher than Death Stranding) but ok.

AirJohnston627d ago

What are you talking about? You say anything good about the games here, on twitter, or on r/Pokémon, you’re getting downvoted to hell and treated like crap

telekineticmantis627d ago


Death Stranding never had issues like these:

Half the Pokémon.
144 moves removed.
Mega Evolutions Z moves removed for the unpopular lazy Gigantamaxing.
Mediocre, unpolished textures.
Bad Animations.
Constant Graphical issues: pop in sudden disappearance of Trainer and Pokémon Models in and out of Battle.
Animations are the same dating back to 2013.
Many unskippable Cutscenes, more intrusive than ever, with Sonia and Hop interrupting your adventure on a regular Basis.
Very Easy, Easy leveling up, constant heals even duringfinal moments of the games.
No Post Game Content, except rehashed Battle Tower and Raid Battles.

King_Noctis627d ago

Pokemon and Death Stranding are two very different games. You list the negatives of Pokemon while conveniently forget to list the positive ones as well.

YodaCracker627d ago

Death Stranding definitely had less than half the Pokémon. It had NO Pokémon!!

OMNlPOTENT626d ago

Yeah Death Stranding just has the problem that the entire game is a god damn fetch quest. Which if I remember correctly is exactly the main reason people bitched about Skyrim’s side quests.. You guys got a whole game of it now and oh boy it’s a sony exclusive so it’s perfect.

telekineticmantis626d ago


There actually aren't many fetch quests at all:

verb: fetch; 3rd person present: fetches; past tense: fetched; past participle: fetched; gerund or present participle: fetching
go for and then bring back (someone or something) for someone.

Most quests you don't go get something and bring it back, you just bring something to someone

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EddieNX 627d ago

Been saying all along that it looks amazing. Where are the haters now that were expecting The Witcher 3 graphics and for it to (ridiculously) include every pokemon ever created?

You guys certainly know a bad game when you see one. Not.

Neonridr627d ago

the haters will show up on the 7/10 reviews and pretend like that is the majority.