Death Stranding vs Metal Gear Solid V: Which Is the Better Kojima Game?

Author writes: “Death Stranding is the ambitious first game from Kojima Productions, so how does it stack up against the last Kojima Metal Gear Solid?”

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mgszelda1274d ago

So far I'm more entertained with death stranding. As a massive mgs fan, phantom pain was a let down. I love cutscenes and phantom pain stripped those down and codec calls compared to the previous games.

naruga274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Death Stranding by FAR....the game is artistically and atmospherically perfect ..and starts growing in me even more (i start likening it more than Horizon Zero Dawn) ....MGS V was just a rushed Peace Walker on new engines

Tear111274d ago

About Death stranding...
Kojima lied and say it's something new it's complicated to describe it...
He could say a deliver game, it's not that hard to describe it.
All what he wanted a hype

Tiqila273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

I think he was referring to the multi-player aspect. And it really is hard to describe without spoilering the experience. The more I play, the more convinced I become that "strand game" really is a new genre (much like "Soulsborne" or "Walking simulator", which could both be ascribed to the wider genre of adventure games).

Saying it is a deliver game is like calling any Soulsborne game a monster killer game... While you deliver packages or kill monsters respectively, it is wrong to reduce these games to it.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

CaptainHenry916274d ago

MGS for me but death Stranding is unique and I'm enjoying it

cochise313274d ago

DS so far. MGS5 started strong but got dull.

jbrock11274d ago

You won't really understand this if you haven't played both but MGSV is more fun but Death Stranding is more engaging. Basically MGSV feels like a normal game, Death Stranding feels like you're in that world. I guess it's hard to say which is better, it's pretty much down to preference or what kind of game you prefer.

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The story is too old to be commented.