IGN: Tech Fetish Podcast, Episode 35

Kicking things off, Scott Lowe and Co. pay homage to the Phoenix Mars Lander, which was formally announced killed-in-action this week. The group recalls fond memories of the Phoenix Lander history-the laughs, the tears, and inebriated nights spent playing Pong. The talk then turns to concerns about the Spirit Mars Lander, which has been missing-in-action for several days.

From there the discussion veers off into familiar Apple territory. It was announced this week by the NPD Group that the 3G iPhone is the highest selling phone in the U.S., beating out the Motorola RAZR V3, which had held the record for 12 consecutive quarters.

Wrapping things up the focus turns to IGN's exclusive review of the Nyko Wing and TriForce's Gears of War Lancer Replica, which IGN Gear also received exclusive details on last week. The podcast concludes with some brief commentary on a few of the applications for the iPod and iPhone spotlighted in our regular This Week In Apps series.

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