EA Wants "Sweat" From Nintendo Wii with New Active Brand

"EA Sports' headmaster Peter Moore wants you to actually sweat while using your Wii, not master how to, well, "balance" yourself or play mini-games on a board peripheral.

To do so, he's announced EA will enter the Nintendo Wii fitness market next March with the new EA Sports Active brand. This move is yet another departure for EA Sports away from the "Madden and nothing else" public image he's so desperately trying to distance EA Sports from."

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rbnkm7063624d ago

I wonder how this will work. You can't really jump up and down on the balance board and the last thing the Wii needs is more peripherals. However, considering the way the US spends money on videogames and fitness products EA could be onto something. Look how well Wii fit sold and still sales. This could be what defines Peter Moore at EA. The Market is there Plus...... "If you build it they will come".