The Top 25 Games That Deserve a Sequel

So many games never get the opportunity to shine again - these are the top 25 games that deserve another shot.

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579d ago
Shiken579d ago

Chrono Trigger has an actual sequel. It is called Chrono Cross. Lable it a "spiritual" sequel all you want, it is a direct following of the events of CT and tells the fate of the original cast. Just because you do not like the direction they took, that does not make it any less of a true canon sequel. Get over it.

Nerdmaster579d ago

Ha! I opened this page to write "wondering how long it will take for people to come saying that Chrono Trigger already has a sequel", but I was 4 minutes late.

Nu579d ago

Another game with Crono and friends needs to happen or at least an HE remaster would be great and unexpected

Shiken579d ago

With the introduction of multiverse theory and confirmation that there are multiple realities aside from the two explored in Cross (due to the diary log referring to Radical Dreamers in chronopolis), anything is possible. It just irks me when people try to write Cross off because it took a darker turn.

Shiken579d ago

Damn right my friend, and I own that. Chrono has been a long time favourite IP of mine, so I have no shame in nit picking details lol.

SegaGamer579d ago

I would love to see a sequel of The Simpsons Hit & Run too, but I don't see that happening with EA in charge (one of the most creativily boring companies in gaming) and I am not sure I would even want EA to create a sequel to one of my favourite games (for obvious reasons)

CrimsonIdol579d ago

Grim Fandango is one of my favourite games of all time, but I don't think it needs a sequel. Or at least if it ever happens, let Manny keep his well earned end and make it about some other inhabitants.