Feel the Force: 5 Star Wars Games That Need Remastering

Star Wars never gets old. Its games have a habit of enduring. So, these five titles should show up again and get treated like the stars they are.

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CorndogBurglar272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

These games don't need remasters. They need new entries in the series.

Remasters are really only good if we're talking about games that were released during the previous generation. Remasters don't do enough aside from cleaning up the graphics and sound. And when we're ralling games that are as old as these, it's not going to do much to improve them because at the end of the day they are still outdated and over 2 generations old.

I wouldn't mind of these got remasters, mind you. But that just wouldn't be enough to get interested in the series again. Give us new titles.