The Greatest Games of All-Time

The Greatest Games of All-Time - It's hard to narrow down the five greatest games of all-time, but we have a mix of old and new in our top five.

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chrisx320d ago

Cool list but I'd change mass effect 3 with 2.

ClayRules2012320d ago

Yeah, I’d change 3 with 2 as well. Mass Effect of my favorite games of all time.

319d ago
bouzebbal319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Crappy list.. feels like he was trying to choose something..
Street Fighter 2
God of War
Streets of Rage
Doom (father of FPS)

...Deserve to make the list

locomorales320d ago

Pretty boring list. Only popular games.

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PlayStationBrah320d ago

Damn good list! Except replace ME3 with 2.

cochise313320d ago

Mass Effect 3 really? This list sucks.

SimpleSlave320d ago

I'm glad I got to see THE list of the greatest games of All-Time before I died. What a wonderfully deep and thorough list of games that was. My mind have been melted and I just can even.

But I think you forgot Death Stranding. I heard it invented a new genre.

porkChop320d ago

"I heard it invented a new genre."

I wouldn't go that far. The "hook" isn't entirely new. What Kojima has done is take what was started in games like Dark Souls and push those ideas further. It's just a different take on asynchronous multiplayer.

And while I really am enjoying the experience for what it is, DS is not one of the greatest games of all time. I think a sequel potentially *could* be depending on how Kojima tweaks the formula.

UltraNova319d ago (Edited 319d ago )

Death Stranding is absolutely nothing like Dark Souls. Only the online interaction part is somewhat similar.

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BlackDoomAx319d ago

People are really offended by nothing today... Plus you made a valid point. Unless the list is made after asking it to a very large panel of people, every articles like this should start by 'My' or 'Our'.

Einhander1971320d ago

Mostly Nintendo games TIMELESS CLASSICS!!!!!

Brave_Losers_Unite320d ago (Edited 320d ago )

Author is a Nintendo Fanboy. He s**ts on most games that aren't Nintendo

ElementX320d ago

Not to mention in the article he states he used to think Last of Us was overrated. He obviously changed his mind because of the backlash and people leaving his site. In his profile he mentions twice that he loves anime.

madpuppy319d ago

If that's the case then, this list is invalidated by that one fact.

EddieNX 320d ago

Dont forget the fact that Nintendo is the best dev ever and are responsible for most of the best games of all time.

derek320d ago

This isn't even remotely true. If you name the top 6 games of all time and 4 of them are Nintendo games, you need to rethink your list and broaden you focus if your list is to be even slightly credible.

neutralgamer1992320d ago


you mean that's your opinion? they have been doing the same games for how many decades now?

compare sony's list of IP's from PS1 to present and it't not even close between sony and nintendo. sony atleast takes chances

rainslacker319d ago

Nintendo has their fair share of best of all time, but I wouldn't say most.

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The story is too old to be commented.