Game Debate to the Death: Katamari Damacy VS Metal Gear Solid 2

Destructoid writes:

"This week we enter the PlayStation 2 round of odd debates, and to celebrate, I've rehashed the very first game debate ever posted on this site. Originally, the way these debates would work, is that I'd pick two commonly debated games, as well as two games you've almost never heard compared before. The results would often be interesting and educational, and that's why I started these odd debates once again.

So this week we see Katamari Damacy and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty face off yet again. Their gameplay controls? Nothing alike. Their graphics? Couldn't strive for more different extremes. Their stories? One line plot versus several hours of dialogue. This debate should be challenging, and demands some lengthy consideration before casting your vote. Don't just go with your gut; weigh the pros and cons of each game and really think about your answer."

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