The Gears of War 2 Lancer Has Arrived

NextGen Player writes:

"Well my gaming friends, the day has arrived. My Lancer has been delivered and it's oh so sweet. I know many of you might be thinking, what a waste to spend so much money ($139.99 for this bundle) on a plastic replica gun from a video game. Let me just say this...I don't really care what anyone thinks. This thing is just awesome."

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PS360PCROCKS3629d ago

haha it is pretty cool, he's not though.

Bolts3629d ago

It looks like a toy so its not only geeky but lame.

Tempist3629d ago

The lancer has to be the worst desgined assualt rifle EVER.
If you even tried to fight a rabbit with that thing, you'd get pnwed. Hardcore pwned.

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Joejoefhosho3629d ago

Most things are AWESOME first encounter, failed bot

YouNoob3629d ago

if you want to do it right, get this one:

i'll get one once they are available.
is $950 a lot? for some it is, for some it isn't.

MTEC83629d ago

Coulda bought another game and picked up some dinner for the family.

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