Death Stranding Gameplay Impressions 30 Hours In - Most Unusual AAA Game Ever? - CG

CG writes: We take the gloves-off and give our Death Stranding gameplay impressions after some 30 hours of play. Not a full-review until we finish the game, but at least an understanding of what Kojima Productions were going for when they designed this. It’s probably safe to say though, this could be the most unusual AAA developed game. Usually indie games take all the risks but not this time. Perhaps Kojima Productions should be lauded for taking such a risk with this game and doing it their own way?

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1nsomniac580d ago

Is this guy serious or is it really persistent sarcasm. He talks like he’s trying so hard to convince himself while saying it’s not a fun game to play but he believes it’s a great game because you can duck or walk fast After spending several hours upgrading yourself and you can’t just pick up what you want you have to stow items for several trips or on vehicles. You know you’ve been able to do that stuff in other games for a while now right?

He then goes on to say that Kojima has made this breathtaking point of showcasing how the world has declined due to people losing their connections with people due to the lack of interaction due to social media etc. With no sign of irony about how the game is So lonely and desolate that takes 40 hours of doing very little before you can defend yourself enjoy walking around. Weird.

KickSpinFilter579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

When ya have many PS4 exclusives per year and one doesn't make the mark or don't care for the genre no big deal. When you only have 1 to 2 XB1 exclusives and one does not make the mark or don't care for the genre that's far more abysmal. Not every game is for everyone. I personally have no idea if I'd like this game or not, Loved The Last Guardian, did not like RDR2 and don't care for MGS games, enjoying Days Gone so who knows.