Matt Piscatella of NPD: subscription services like Game Pass and PS Now are risky for gaming market

During a question and answer with followers on Twitter, the well-known analyst of the NPD group explained how the increasing importance of similar services could lead to a devaluation of the contents, especially in a market as big as the US one.

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Jimboms519d ago

Yea, we're definitely going to see some games that are exclusively available as full purchases only.

will313519d ago

Of course he feels this way, those services directly attack his job market.

DEEHULK88519d ago

I was just about to say that.

gravedigger519d ago

Glad that Sony doesn't put their 1st party titles Day 1 on PS Now just to cannibalize its sales like MS is doing for their titles.

DEEHULK88519d ago

They are not bothered by it, so why are you? Microsoft is a big company and they make up any lost revenue from this in other areas. They also did the same thing to Office with Office 365.

King_Noctis519d ago

And what do sales give consumers like you in return? A freebie of some sort?

In what world do consumers prefer things to be expensive instead of cheaper?

HighPlayer28519d ago

Your glad that Sony isn't more pro consumer with ps now weird mode.

gravedigger518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

LOL! Yeah, will glad to pay a 60$ for a game just to support devs, even though i'm a consumer. You don't support devs hard work if you pay a 1$ ( like on Game Pass ) to play a game and ditch it. Yeah, Game Pass surely helped Gears 5..... dropped off a cliff from charts everywhere and game dropped on US Most played chart. It's below 20th place for almost 2 months know. Yeah, you know, play it for 1$ and then ditch it.

From a consumer stance you shouldn't always look how to go cheap. It is just short sighted. Instead, let's support devs with 60$ ( or 30$ like for Concrete Genie and Medievil )

That old 60$ system is what kept the industry as a whole afloat all these years.

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rainslacker518d ago

Has nothing to do with his job. NPD tracks and analyzes a lot of things. There will still be physical games to track. He's just stating the obvious, because games released day one on these services is devaluing the game. Not the quality of the game, but the demand for the game at the current going price for new releases.

will313515d ago

You do realize that the devs are payed a rate BEFORE the games go to Game Pass dont you? You guys don't know what the hell you're even talking about. The devs are compensated to put the games on the service which is how you can buy them at a discount IF you have the service. If his job wasn't effected by it then how does he account for things being bought on a service that doesn't force you to buy anything?

rainslacker515d ago

NPD doesn't exist to count the sales of video games. It does track video game sales as one of their services. Their purpose is to count thousands of different products across hundreds of different markets. They then sell that data to whoever buys it, or do analysis on that data for companies, or sometimes the internet at large. If all retail video games ceased to exist, they'd still count console sales. If consoles ceased to exist, he'd analyze some other electronics or market.

AizenSosuke519d ago

Yeah I rather not have a future where my games are being controlled by the overlords.

DEEHULK88519d ago

Then keep gaming the same way that you have been gaming because that option will still be around. You are not forced to use the other options.

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will313515d ago

Your games already controlled that way. The most popular games on the planet won't let you past the start screen without an internet connection.

Atom666519d ago

I'm glad that the F2P issue was raised. You're going to have an entire generation of gamers coming up that game just as much as we did as kids (if not more), but who also only know F2P games.

Growing up, a new game was a rare and expensive event. Now, I'm a phone tap away from thousands of games available at no cost. That's an issue we're going to see leading to devaluation and crappy monetization practices more so then a paid subscription service.

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