Game Freak Not Adding Missing Pokemon to Sword and Shield

Game Freak Not Adding Missing Pokemon to Sword and Shield - Game Freak has no plans to add missing pokemon to Pokemon Sword and Shield after the fact, according to a new interview with Junichi Masuda.

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LG_Fox_Brazil321d ago

Boy... I would love to see these games selling poorly, but... They will probably still make a ton of money out of them... Oh well

MeteorPanda321d ago

this is probably the first one lm not buying. l wonder if others are doing so too.

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WeAreLegion321d ago

I'm one of them. Skipping it. At least Luigi's Mansion will hold me over for a while.

ABizzel1321d ago

It’s going to hurt sales, but not enough to make a difference.

I’ve seen hundreds of post about people not buying it, buying used, or emulating the games.

But Pokémon is a 10 - 20m seller sometimes more, so even if nearly 50% of their original base doesn’t buy it, it’s still selling over 10m copies as new fans come to the franchise every generation.

I think regardless of sales the damage has been done and GameFreak hopefully realizes they have to come with their AAA game with this franchise going forward.

They’ve seen the backlash and commented on it, and they realized fans are angry.

execution17321d ago

I'm skipping until they do a proper Pokemon game on the console instead of something that feels like a lazy 3DS port

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RosweeSon321d ago

I’m hoping for ultra sun moon low levels nearly half compared to previous but can’t see it myself either ;(

SegaSaturn669321d ago

Pokemon is one of the worst series in terms of effort. An indie studio with 2 people and a shoestring budget can create a masterpiece like Hotline Miami. All the money in the world can't change the fact that this is the same ad nauseum formula for kids that has no challenge to complete.

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rdgneoz3321d ago

You want a great knock off fan made Pokemon game. Go look for Pokemon Uranium. Similar style to the old games, with all different monsters and characters.

TheColbertinator321d ago (Edited 321d ago )

Obviously they will be available someday. Most likely when they release two new games for them.

Tross321d ago

I’m hoping for that, and the ability to transfer Pokemon from these games to those hypothetical future games, but it seems like a fool’s hope at this point. I think I even read an article saying there are currently no plans to add the complete Pokédex to future titles either.

rainslacker321d ago

Will they be called Pokemon Helm and Codpiece?

PhoenixUp321d ago

I’m not adding any care for this title then

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The story is too old to be commented.