GT: Need for Speed: Undercover PS3 Cost to State Gameplay

The clock ticks--how much destruction can you cause?

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MA3LK3678d ago

Looks too much like Most Wanted. Even though MW was good, i think i'll miss this.

I want them to go back to the High Stakes and Hot Pursuit formula.

Sarick3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

This game looks so real interesting almost like your actually in an action movie scene being chased by the cops. The police scanner added a nice touch to.

Side note: I saw this games advertisement on TV. The last 3-5 seconds ended with Xbox 360 starting at $199. Isn't this a multi-platform game? So why is it only showing the 360 logo and no PS3 logo?


ottoenie3678d ago

microsoft pays ea a lot of money to make them advertise, pretty pathetic, but ea is using the ps3 as lead platform, instead of 360 previous years, so there is nothing to worry about.