Kojima Productions Will Start Making Movies (But Should It?)

Now that Kojima has announced he's going to tackle actual filmmaking, gamers can only ask: Is he ready? Will his skills translate into that medium?

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bishup25435d ago (Edited 435d ago )

He could make in-game movies. like what Oats Studios did with "Adam". (you can download the executable as well.)
much longer in length though.

DigitalHope435d ago

This website keeps writing articles (But should it?)

rlow1435d ago

Why do you think he's been getting to know Hollywood ?.....for a chance to make a movie...all these actors in his's all about who you know......hope it works out for him.

rainslacker434d ago

A production studio doesn't need to network like that...although it can help get talent. Production studios need to just have the money to make movies....hence, producing them. Actors come with pay. People watching comes with marketing. Exposure can come with networking. Respect comes with results.

tombfan435d ago

Breaking news... He's a movie freak I haven't seen a guy more passionate about films. I'm sure he'd make some great stuff.

Fist4achin435d ago

Im sure his stuff would be better than a lot of the crap hollywood has been releasing...

tombfan435d ago

I'm sure that he's able to do that and more.

ravens52435d ago

Id actually like to see a Kojima film. Itd propably be amazing and no doubt itd be out of this world in ideals and everything. Im waiting for DS to drop in price so i can get it. Jus dont have enough to be buying fullpriced games right now. Did get cod but ive gotten my money out of that already lol. I still have to beat mgs5 😖. One of these days

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The story is too old to be commented.