Where the @&%! Are the Great Star Trek Games?

AlienHiveMind writes: "Star Trek is a beloved franchise about space and exploration. So what gives?"

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Sophisticated_Chap1688d ago

There has never been a good Star Trek game unfortunately. I think that the original Bioware team could have done a perfect job, based on what they did with Mass Effect.

bluefox7551688d ago

The show doesn't really lend itself to gameplay that well, or at least not in an obvious way. Very story focused, obviously, with less emphasis on action. Would be cool if a talented dev would figure something out something cool and interesting, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

T2X1688d ago

Star Trek VR is amazing and could of been soooo much more than it is. Hoping maybe next gen they will expand upon it.

rainslacker1688d ago

Bridge crew for vr is supposed to be pretty good.

Otherwise, I kind of agree. Star trek was never very pew pew, and big ship battles arent frequent. Most action in star trek, especially outside the movies, was more tension in the situation, with a brains over brawn mentality.

Wolffenblitz1687d ago

Or you could put it this way:

Each season has an overarching plot that is referenced or has episodes that push it further... Like main quests and side quests..

Or we could get an original story during a war. That'd supply the action.

TheColbertinator1688d ago

The Star Trek community would expand exponentially if a great game came along.

Segata1688d ago

Look I love some of the 16-bit offerings and I'm a huge fan of Star Trek (STD is trash) but to be real. Star Trek has never had a great game. STO is fine for what it is. MMO jank but fun. VR game is..jank but fun. 16-bit games are jank but fun. Star Trek isn't the best series to make a game out of. It would have to be something deliberate and slow but also very open. That's tough to do.

Battlestar231688d ago

Discovery is a great show it's just small minded people who hate it fortunately people who hate it make up a very small part of the fandom.

rainslacker1688d ago

I really liked the first season.

**spoilers for 1st season***

Except that alternate universe thing with the captain near the end. That was kind of lame. But the rest of the plot twist was pretty clever use of the same motif, which usually comes off flat in every other story that tries it...especially comics.

ApocalypseShadow1688d ago

Only a small mind would say that long time fans are small minded because they don't like the style or direction Star Trek Discovery has gone. It's not even close to what Roddenberry would have done. And terrible design of advanced, teleporting ships before TOS even happened. Which is ridiculous. Concentrating on one character specifically is ridiculous. Tying her to Spock is ridiculous. Tying it to a paid subscription service is ridiculous.

On topic, the point and click games were great on PC. If 25th Anniversary or TNG were turned into modern games, and you could play multi player with them, they would do very well. The voice overs are already there for single player. And multi player would use in game chat. And tri-corder readings would only be seen specifically by the player and not the others. You would have to relay your findings to them.

Battlestar231688d ago

Apocalypse Shadow excuse me but i am a long time fan and Gene Roddenberry would have no problem with Discovery he himself wrote in the novelization of the motion picture that the klingons have always looked like the way do and in TOS they're look was exaggerated by the federations perspective.

Just like the look of the sets in TOS according to him the way the enterprise looked in the movie is the way the ship should of looked in the series and told people that when they watched the show they should imagine it more futuristic looking.

Also the franchise needed to be modernized if they kept the 60s look Discovery would of been cancelled after the 1st season but now it's on it's 3rd season and more seasons are to come.

Look at the The Orville that show was dying ratings wise and it was free so they had to move it behind a paywall to try and save it which is sad as that was the Discovery haters A.K.A Trek haters only weapon they could use to attack with.

ApocalypseShadow1687d ago

I'm a long time fan too and this is not how he would have done it. Not being on regular television is not good for the fans.

Yes. It needed modernizing. But backlash was from fans not liking the look. Not liking the story. They could have ran with many other scenarios from a long time ago before settling with STD. Like Captain Sulu from TOS. Captain LaForge from TNG that was hinted on with Voyager. Captain Kim from Voyager where he gets a command. It was so bad they needed to put the original Enterprise with Captain Pike.

Orville had stupid jokes that were too over the top than say, Galaxy Quest. But it got better over time as he backed off on the Family Guy nonsense. If it survives cool. If not, it's not a big deal. But it was a better Trek than STD.

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Knightofelemia1688d ago

I still like the old point and click Star Trek 25th Anniversary on Steam I use to skip class and play it in the computer room lol. There is also a TNG point and click to but it's all right I use to rent TNG on the SNES all the time it was good but also a pain in the ass and if I remember the same game appeared on the Genesis. There is also a DS9 game on Genesis and it wasn't bad either. Bridge Commander VR was decent as for Star Trek online its not really my type of game. I know the NES Star Trek game I rented years ago when we rented a NES the game was boring so was Star Feet Academy on the SNES. Star Trek on Colecovision looked cool at the time but got very repetitive very fast If I remember right the game was done by Sega.