10 Strongest Belmonts in Castlevania, Ranked

The Belmont family is typically responsible in the Castlevania series for going up against Count Dracula, and they have to be strong to do so.

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mastershredder322d ago

This had to have been written by a 10 year old right?

Lord_Sloth322d ago

Literally made an error in your 1st mention altogether. Leon used a whip the entire game so he is absolutely trained in using it and canonically he's the weakest of the Belmonts featured in the games because as you straight up mentioned they get stronger with each generation....

You include the non-canon Sonia in your list and mention Gabriel (a crime in and of itself) talking about how origins take away from Trevor even though he was never claimed as the original Belmont but instead as the 1st to defeat Dracula.

Trevor absolutely gets the last hit on Dracula in the show that takes his head off! Sypha just burns the corpse.

Why are Soliel and Desmond even on this list? You mention what they do in their games but not what makes them a strong Belmont....I think you're just saying names....

IamTylerDurden1322d ago

Logically Simon would be the weakest, but he is such a famous character within the Castlevania lore it's hard to not give him some credit.

Gabriel and Trevor Belmont all day.

KaaF322d ago

Can we finally get the Julius 1999 game Konami? Scratch that, can we get ANY new real Castlevania game Konami?

Enigma_2099321d ago

Contra: Rogue Corps. Now you think REAL HARD about what you just said.