Maligned PlayStation Chief Jim Ryan Is Silencing His Critics

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan is not a pantomime villain, but that’s what he’s been portrayed to be. The executive – guilty of toeing the company line on cross-play, for example – has long been the butt of enthusiast gamers’ jokes. His biggest slip-up? An off-the-cuff remark about the original PSone Gran Turismo playable next to the PlayStation 4’s Gran Turismo Sport. “Why would anyone want to play this?” he infamously said of the 1998 release.

It’s a rhetorical question that will be repeated ad nauseam until the end of time, even if the context has long been lost. For many, this was Ryan speaking out against PlayStation’s heritage; an early indication, perhaps, that its future consoles will not be backwards compatible. But the PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible, and it’s shaping up to be every inch the worthy successor to the organisation’s current-gen console. In fact, against a chorus of criticism, the English suit appears to be getting everything right.

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dazsarge325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Jim Ryan is a smart man, he did an excellent job for PlayStation in Europe. No wonder they put him in charge of their entire division.

Soulrakk324d ago

Being the head of PlayStation Europe wasn't a hard job. Europe is a PlayStation market by default. Always has been. They have minimal competition due to them owning Europe. Sony laid everyone off over there too. A sign they were going to promote this guy. He's said some pretty head-scratching things in recent past so to say he's ripe for taking over the whole show is a bit overzealous in my opinion. He's got plenty to prove to me.

Obscure_Observer324d ago

"Sony laid everyone off over there too. A sign they were going to promote this guy. He's said some pretty head-scratching things in recent past so to say he's ripe for taking over the whole show is a bit overzealous in my opinion. He's got plenty to prove to me."

I didn´t know Sony Europe lay off people right before Ryan´s promotion. Apparently, he acts like a politician. I mean, "If you´re not with me, you´re against me" kind of mentality, since this transition from PS4 to PS5 has been everything but smooth.

ShadowWolf712324d ago

lmao no it wasn't. Europe was Sega's and almost EXCLUSIVELY Sega's when the PlayStation launched. It's never been a "default" territory. No territory is.

rainslacker323d ago

What's not smooth about the transition? Have you heard of any trouble with the hardware not being ready in time? Is there some indication that policies or features won't be ready? What disruption to the actual transition is there? What has changed since what's been announced, and what we are getting now?

I'm really curious what's so rough with the transition....especially since the transition hasn't even started, and we don't have a full idea of what the transition was suppsoed to be, versus what it's apparently going to be now. as far as I know, Sony hasn't changed it's plans for the hardware itself, and policies we knew nothing about.

Obscure_Observer323d ago


I´m talking about Worldwide Studios! Ryan is practically rebuilding it from the scratch! Layden, Morita and Corsi. All of them abruptely left/retire almost at the same time! No other exects were appointed to take their chair at the time of their departure.

I know what you would you say if the situation were reverse and instead we would have Spencer, Booty and Charla leaving Xbox with the Scarlett just around the corner.

"They were ineffective!"

Thing is, none of those people are leaving Xbox (at least for now) not matter what you think.

Now, why would Sony get rid of a very successful team of execs that are 100% direct involved on the success of the PS4?

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IRetrouk325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

Clearly knows what he is doing or he wouldn't he climbing the ladder, he done a good job with europe, can only see him doing even better now hes helping to run the whole thing.

Veneno324d ago

Just bring back Jack Trenton already. Him and Shue are easily my favorite PS suits of all time.

324d ago
FinalAeonX324d ago

omg I love Jack and Shu too. They're my favourite Sony execs, with probably Andrew House coming in 3rd. It's sad to see them all go. Jack absolutely killed MS in E3 2013 and Shu killed it in E3 2015. I miss those type of E3 shows...

ShadowWolf712324d ago

Shu is still there. Why does everyone act like he's gone?

GaboonViper324d ago

I'd hardly say maligned but God damn i miss Kaz, Shawn and Trenton, i just hope Ryan is up to the job and continues PS4 success with PS5, i will be there day one and wish him the best.

rainslacker323d ago

I miss them too, but this gen wasn't that bad. They weren't overly vocal,but PS did extremely well, and I have no big complaints. I don't know what to fully expect from the new management, but PS will probably be alright. Unless they start showing signs of trouble in actual policy or product, I don't see any reason to be concerned. PS seems to have a clear direction. The new management so far seems to be on board with that direction. That direction has been what helped make PS so successful this gen, so if they continue the course, there's nothing to really worry about.

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