It's Unfair To Compare P.T. And Death Stranding

It’s difficult to compare the two titles, considering the ways in which each game was developed.

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ziggurcat519d ago

... and the fact that P.T. wasn't a game?

TK-66518d ago

That would actually make them comparable...

SyntheticForm518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

I see what you did there.

This isn't so much a game as an exercise in patience, with the occasional ambient tranquility. It's more of an experience, not so much a game.

Good or bad is up to the player, but it's not something I'd like to experience. I suppose if I played the game to Pink Floyd it'd be bearable for a little while, but I think I'd tire of it rather quickly.

Muzikguy518d ago

This is such a strange article. I've not seen anyone compared those 2. Obviously if they have they're foolish for doing so

Veneno518d ago

PT was a game. That's why it was called Playable Trailer. You know, playable, like a video game.

ziggurcat517d ago

No. It was not a game. And it was called Playable Teaser.

Veneno517d ago

Oh that's right. I did NOT controller a character. I did not complete the challenges set before me to get to the end. I did not experience it on a PlayStation 4 , the second best selling, maybe soon to be the best selling VIDEO GAME console of all time. In fact , yes, I now distinctly recall pressing play and watched a bunch of stuff happen and saw Norman Reedus at the end.

Thank you for jogging my memory.

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KaiPow518d ago

The whole point of PT was to get away from the baby, not carry it around in a plastic papoose.

Veneno517d ago

The babies in both games is proof that the 2 games exist in the same universe.

DrDeath518d ago

Played P.T last night. Still makes me sweat. The haunting sounds and trying to figure out how how to beat it while she continually shows up to make you squirt your pants.

Job very well done by kojima there. But DS.... nope

curtain_swoosh517d ago

you should try Haunting Ground for the ps2. nice graphics still to this day and it makes u paranoid asf. good game.

CaptainHenry916518d ago

I hope kojima makes a horror game in the future

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