Modern Warfare Character Animations Produce Weapon Sway, Affects Lasers & Gives Away Player Position

Modern Warfare features weapon sway from character animations that can give away your position. Check out the comparions against past CODs.

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Ninjamonkey82386d ago

Moaning wee girls won't be happy till we have jetpacks back

SyntheticForm386d ago

I actually find this to be fantastic.

I love almost walking into a room with lasers swaying in front of an entrance.

It's immersive too.

TKCMuzzer386d ago

What isn't fantastic is when you think you peaking round the corner and get shot, then to watch the kill cam and find out you were sticking two feet out from the wall. Always been a COD issue.

SkatterBrain386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

wait do characters chest compress and decopress an they breath or does fumes come out of there mouth as the breath on a cold day, do soldiers ever give away there positions with uncontrollable farts or sneezes or stomach ache noises?

SyntheticForm386d ago

Oh no, the laser moves with the character...


That's a totally acceptable con for having a laser attachment.

That's how it should be...

REDGUM386d ago

I totally agree with you but from what i can tell from the video it was more so pointing out that it was swaying on one of the players point of view but not the others.
Another thing was when the lazer was showing on one players screen but the player with the gun could only see the lazer hitting the wall in front of him/her.

I gotta say, there are some minor issues with this game, just like many other games out there, but I'm really enjoying what I'm seeing and playing with this game.

Me thinks, less writing in forums, like what I've just done, and more playing it instead 👍