Hideo Kojima says he expected a mixed reaction to Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima has spoken for the first time about Death Stranding’s mixed reception, revealing that he expected “positive and negative reactions” to the game because of its unique design.

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Jin_Sakai10d ago

You can’t please everyone.

chrisx10d ago

That's correct, and I can say Kojima will please most with death stranding.

gopon10d ago

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BizarroUltraman10d ago

im sure if Kojima put shit in a package you would buy it! 😂😭

Atticus_finch10d ago

If that happened you would be here saying how it doesn't taste to your liking.

RememberThe35710d ago

If said shit is a gorgeous, massive world, with a bonkers story and chill yet tense gameplay, then yeah. That's the shit I've been waiting for.

Jin_Sakai10d ago

“im sure if Kojima put shit in a package you would buy it!”

This coming from an Xbox fan. Lol

Rude-ro10d ago

Ha! Microsoft gets away with it... so sure

XabiDaChosenOne10d ago

"im sure if Kojima put shit in a package you would buy it!"
-bought crackdown 3 day one.

Larrysweet10d ago

As ur mouth is full of phil lmbo ds may be best game this generation period

Thundercat7710d ago

Isn't exactly what MS is doing?

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Godmars29010d ago

There's that, then there's making enough sales to justify making the game. If it doesn't sell well, the people who like it are going to complain, defend it, even though they like it.

Ausbo10d ago

Actually you can. Last of us, god of war and Witcher please everyone.

10d ago
SyntheticForm9d ago

No, I don't think he did.

I think he expected everyone to blow sunshine up his ass, and they didn't, and he's saying this to save face.

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zackeroniii10d ago

if he expected mixed reviews for the game, then he knew he had to be making a game that would be boring to boot.

should've continued to make a spiritual successor to the cancelled Silent Hills than whatever this game is.

MetalGearAlex10d ago

I dont think u played it. Cause theres definitely more than just walking in it. ;)

zackeroniii10d ago

there's more to it than just walking? can you explain? :O

TK-6610d ago


Sometimes you have to press L2 and R2 together while running to keep your stability.... Then you get a long cutscene... That's basically the cycle of the opening hours for this game.

AnubisG10d ago

"I created a borrig game so I expect 10/10 reviews and 0/10 reviews" -Kojima

Is that what you realy think he was thinking?

No, that is not it.

He was expecting mixed reception because this is a complex game that thakes some thinking to play which is very strenuous to many people and it does not involve constant pew pew.

Veneno10d ago

But it does invlove constant poo poo. Literally.

Atticus_finch10d ago

Veneno you would know I guess. Keep hating bro but DS is my GOTY so far.

zackeroniii10d ago

complex? takes some thinking to play?

i am actually curious as to why you say this.

as far as i can tell this is the walking sim where you have to balance a bunch of boxes on your back and the mechanics revolve around trying to walk with them and making sure they don't fall and if they do, you have to go pick them back up and continue to do more walking. oh the combat also where you can groundbreakingly swing a box to fight someone... i can't find anything amusing about this game, except how corny it is...

AnubisG10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


You are boiling down this game to a walking simulator because it suits your argument but this can be done with any game. Racing games? Why don't we call them going in circle games for example? Why isn't Mario called a jumping simulator? Why are shooters so fun if all you do is just shoot? Well because there is so much more to these games than just these things.

For starters with Death Stranding the story itself and unraveling that will make you think. Understanding the world will force you to think. Also, picking a path will make you think. Your inventory management will make you think. How many "boxes" will you take? Will you risk more or less? And there is so much more but I think that the main thing that will make you think is the story itself and unraveling the world.

Have you ever played a game by Kojima? Maybe you should try.

Imalwaysright10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The souls games were games that required players to observe and strategize while asking a level of focus that few games require. If there are games out there that require a great level of commitment from the player are the souls games and they reward it with a sense of accomplishment because you overcame a challenge that tested your abilities. Demon's and Dark Souls are 2 of my favorite games of all time and the commitment I put into them was worth it. From what I've seen so don't far I don't think that Death Stranding would reward the commitment I would have to put into it. No, I don't want to 90% of the time make a character walk and do inventory management just to watch cutscenes.

Salooh10d ago

The gameplay is part of the story. You figure out what is happening through the gameplay. That's why it is fulfilling. I don't want to spoil anything else, but that's why there is more into it than hitting enemies with a box. You didn't play it if that's your thought of the game.

If it is not your taste ok, but If you expected an action game with guns , than it is a shame that you don't know what you are buying..

yoshatabi10d ago

@zack complex as in the story dumbass

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Shezgear10d ago

Your hating is on another level. Chill.. you love COD so go ahead and enjoy COD. You need a ps4 for death stranding. And right now your mommy cannot afford one.. maybe its under your Christmas tree?

10d ago
zackeroniii8d ago

imagine having absolutely no idea how to defend this boring, bland, and garbage game that this is the best you can come up with...pure comedy.

and seeing how you probably researched my comment history and see that I like COD...maybe you would've also seen how I have a PS4 and find it the best place to play video games...

but guess what, i won't be a fanboy and call a trash exclusive a good game just because it's only on PS4...

how about you tell me what makes you like this game and makes it more than a plain and boring walking sim with pretty graphics... i'll wait.

i'll probably be waiting forever because if your original response is the best you can muster, then that tells me you don't have any idea how to defend your little Death Stranding. Please tell me what you would say to recommend this game to someone else...

do better next time buddy... cause you failed terribly.

paradigmfellow8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

I personally hate shooters and I also don't like this game due to the hyper-realism. It is cool that you enjoy those types of games, but personally I hate having to devote so much into minutia details. The farthest I go with degradation alone is FF14 type of system.

isa_scout10d ago

If you're really curious I've driven the reverse trike and truck just as much as I've walked. It actually has a LOT of MGS DNA in it to. You'll use stealth to make it through BTs and Mule camps or shoot them with the bola gun or use blood grenades. I feel like the people hating on this game(Not saying you) haven't played more than a couple hours or watched gameplay from someone in the very early game.

Hardiman10d ago

Or that some people can't get outta their own way!

Hardiman10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Great lore and characters, some absolutely terrifying encounters, working with others you can't see but work together to build a better world, loads of freedom, vehicles, being able to create items and structures that not only help you but other players as well, being able to go anywhere and having to decide and plan ahead what tools you should bring, being able to faintly hear other players replies never gets old to me, also some very interesting mechanics that I won't go into because of spoilers.

This game brings people TOGETHER that's the whole point in story and in the real world and I for one think we need more of that nowadays!

Anyway if you're gonna take time to critique a game you've not played maybe go play it for yourself so you'll know firsthand why it's not just a "walking simulator!"

Kiwi6610d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Why is it that when anyone critiques a ps game the thing that gets said is " you've not played it" even if you and those who say that don't know if they have played it or not as you'd look stupid saying that to them only to find out that they have played it

Hardiman10d ago

kiwi well the go to is "it's boring " or "walking simulator " not the most detailed of critiques and if they were to play it for any length of time they'd have a little more to say.

We go through this every time there is an exclusive. Uncharted 4, HZD, GOW, Detroit, Days Gone all even Spider-Man so stop with the naivety. Also to critique something it'd be good to experience it so you know what you're talking about!

Kiwi6610d ago (Edited 10d ago )

So if someone has played it or critiques it and still wants to call it a walking simulator will you still say that they haven't played it as its obvious that you don't like it if people don't give it high praise and what you are talking about doesn't just happen to ps games so stop with your naivety

Larrysweet10d ago

Its way over your head stick to gears halo

Z50110d ago

Basically, make what everyone wants, not what he wants.
I'm glad you're not an artist.

PaleMoonDeath9d ago

It's not boring.. 30 hours in and I've been glued since Friday, play something before you judge, I've never played anything like it.

babadivad9d ago

COULD be boring, it's not boring for some people apparently.

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AnubisG10d ago

It'a not everyones cup of tea that is for sure. It's different so automatically it's alien to most people. It also makes you think and use your brain which is automatically painful to most people as well unfortunately. So no wonder it's getting mixed reaction. People don't know where to put this game so they look at it on the surface and call it a walking simulator which just proves how unintelligent they are.

I wonder what the reception would have been like if this relased on Xbox and PC at the same time it did on the PS4. I bet that it would have been different.

FunAndGun10d ago

Are you saying intelligent people can not dislike this game and think it is boring? Who made you the intelligence police?

AnubisG10d ago

That is not what I'm saying at all. What I'm saying is that if a different game comes along from the norm, which is shooting games, than people will have mixed reactions to it especially if said game requires thinking instead of shooting.

Hardiman10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

No just that intelligent people don't rely on pure emotion to discuss things they don't like. Like they can form a bigger case than "it's boring " or it's a "walking simulator " because if they actually played it(because intelligent people like to be objective for the most part in their critiques) then we'd be having much more respectful conversations on here!

Veneno10d ago

I can tell you that this being PS4 exclusive at the present time has nothing to do with the reception. I have not seen anywhere anybody criticizing the game and mentioning it's because it is PS4 launch exclusive. You're dreaming and reaching for straws. PS4 is the most celebrated platform of this gen and the 2nd best selling console of all time. These are factors that only help the game being exclusive.

AnubisG10d ago

Do you actually expect people to say that; "I'm giving this a bad score because it's a PS4 exclusive, hur dur." ??

Atticus_finch10d ago

Yea the problem lies with the fact that some people really hate the fact that Sony has another amazing exclusive and possibly another amazing studio. I would be mad if I couldn't play such a brilliant and fresh game.

gamingunited10d ago

You only have to take a quick look at who are the most vocal people on this site to see it has everything to do with it being an exclusive.

isa_scout10d ago

The xbox fanboys are on metacritic right now review bombing it while fans are busy playing it, and ya know its still sitting at a user score of 6, that's pretty impressive.

Hardiman10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Well I'm calling BD because let me count the ways! Uncharted 4" they should let this series rest" HZD "the animations look bad and the combat and world ooks meh" or "GG has only done FPS I don't think this will work" GOW "they've ruined this game" "great it's now The Dad of Us" Detroit "Cage sucks he can't make a good game" also once on PC no outrage, Days Gone "man this game is broken" "man this doesn't look fun" Spider-Man "man it's so repetitive " or "man the Arkham series I see so much better!" There's more but that's the trolls greatest hits!

For me I'd be saying "why doesn't my preferred brand make so many awesome games they can get their own "concerned " pieces?!?!

rainslacker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Oh yeah. People are really going to say that the reason they hate the game is because its exclusive. Who would admit that and brand themselves a fan boy and no one would take them seriously.

Given that every exclusive goes through this while most non exclusives dont without some surrounding controversy, I think it's pretty safe to assume that it is more about the console war, than it is about the actual quality of the game.

This is especially apparent because the known fan boys on either side on any given game are the most vocal about it, which means anyone who does have a valid criticism that isnt based on fanboyism goes unheard, because the console war puts people on the defensive. Even the defense against the criticism is probably driven by console war reasons, but at least the optimists are reacting more to the rampant negativity more than anything

I mean, it's not like we see most bad games get this much attention or effort to inform that they're bad games. People just move on, often not even putting in their two cents, much less participate in a multi year campaign to say how bad the game is, or will be

Dragonscale9d ago

@rain, so true. This game was gonna be hated by a certain section as soon as Kojima and Sony announced their collaboration and regardless of what the game was or did.

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Veneno10d ago


You missed the point. I thought you were on the side of intelligence. PS4 is the dominant platform, therefore any game releasing on it will have little to no resistance being accepted on its own merits. God of War and Last of Us we're universally acclaimed. That right there throws your whole logic out the window.

You fail. Better luck next time though.

AnubisG10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

No, I did not miss the point. You tought that the only reason I'm saying that the game is getting mixed reviews is because the game is on PS4 only. That is not the case. Look at my comments. The fact that the game is only on PS4 DOES affect it and you can take that to the bank but this isn't the main reason. Read my comments to find out.

The one who faild, is you.

10d ago
Veneno10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


You're living in a fanboy bubble. Everybody knows that Xbone is a failure on all fronts. , even Microsoft admits it. Xbox fanboys have no have no existence in any real discussion about gaming. They have zero influence. Death Stranding is coming out for PC, so no reason for the master race to hate on anything. Add to that. RDR on PC is getting lots of criticism so again. Your logic fails.

I read your comment just fine and it runs down the whole list of excuses being repeated for the game, and it doesn't explain why the game is great. If you can do that then you would have a much better argument because right now it's all excuses I'm hearing.

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AnubisG10d ago

Why, thank you kind sir.🤣

assassin2k10d ago

It's funny, your thoughts kind of echo how I was with Breath of the Wild. I felt quite lost because of the extreme freedom in that game, and it's only when I let go and turned the HUD off and just started exploring that it really opened up for me. Until that point I had been expecting more direction because I had been so used to modern games giving you a dot on a HUD and a straight forward mission structure. People are so used to carbon copy experiences nowadays, that something different can almost feel wrong to some people, because they are so used to the same designs from video game to video game.

Hardiman10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Yup as we know when people don't understand something and they won't try to understand it, it never leads to anything productive!

Also you know how the reception would be because those games don't get the "concerned " pieces these games do! Happens every single time, well until the games out, then it dies down!

LucidIllusion10d ago

Please don't bring up intelligence. That word will irritate the fragile.

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