Why Death Stranding Is Dividing Its Players

Despite solid critical reception, Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding is dividing its player base.

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Spurg10d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone wanted a different game

Bwremjoe10d ago

I'm pretty sure you do not get to decide that.

Spurg10d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone who finally plays it will say they wouldn't want a walking simulator.

DarXyde10d ago

Why is it that everyone wants to call something affiliated with Playstation a walking simulator? What's that about? Y'all said the same thing about Hellblade when it was exclusive.

Disregarding the combat and other mechanics is like me calling Gears 5 a hide and seek simulator.

You're stripping away the important aspects of the game to fit your criticism.

PlayableGamez-10d ago

Oh Darxyde lets not pretend you dont know why people are calling DS a walking simulator.

I would more so call it a hiking simulator than a walking simulator after completing the first two episodes.

Traversal and inventory management is the core of the gameplay. Death Stranding is a giant puzzle game. Trying to figure how to safely and effectively navigate through rough terrain while avoiding enemy threats is quite puzzling. However, I can see why people are calling it a walking simulator even though its more so a hiking simulator.

I dont know why DS defenders have to be so PC about this game. Just enjoy the game and let people call it what they want.

rainslacker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I feel like telling a story. May seem off topic at first, but I do have a moral related to the discussion.

Some years ago, Borderlands 2 was getting tons of hype. Now, I'm not a huge fan of FPS, but I liked the art style, and it seemed like it'd be a good romp. I was under the impression it was just a co-op style shooter, not unlike Destiny ended up being. I didn't bring the game down, but I didn't really praise it either.

Basically, it was just another FPS game, so I disregarded it.

Of course, I could have easily gone on about how it was just another online MP shooter...even though I'd be wrong, but lets say I just kept saying, "eh, it's just another shooter".

Now, FPS doesn't have the negative connotation that Walking Simulator does, but the point I'm trying to make would be the same.

I dismissed the game, and never gave it another thought after it's release because why would I care about yet another FPS game that I wasn't going to play? Just yet another FPS in the glut of every publisher and their brother chasing after the Halo/COD craze of last gen.

Then, earlier this year, I played Tales from the Borderlands that I brought a while back on sale in a Telltale bundle. One day, I wanted to just play through a quick game, and thought, "this will be cool, I generally like Telltale, and I've heard good thing." Well, I started playing it, and the next 14 hours I spent glued to my screen because I loved the story so much. The humor and story were great.

At that point I remembered I had BL2: The Handsome collection from PS+ not but a few months prior. So, I downloaded it, started it up, and within an hour I was sucked in and loved it. Easily ended up spending 100+ hours on BL2 and it's DLC, then another 40-50 on the pre-sequal....which I didn't like as much, although the story was awesome.

So....what's the moral related to Death Stranding?

Well, it's that making judgements based on bias sometimes ends up meaning you close yourself off to any potential for a game to be fun to you. Believing reviews are completely accurate, or that the genre itself is somehow not worthy because it doesn't suit your taste, is just a way to miss out on good games. 6-1/2 years I spent not knowing how much fun Borderlands 2 was. Never played BL1, so 10 years not realizing just how much fun the series is. All because I just assumed it was a FPS game, so "meh".

Just going around saying that Death Stranding is a walking simulator is a disservice to the game, and oneself. The only reason to dismiss it as such with so much veracity is if you want the game to fail, or make others feel bad to even attempt to like it. Lets assume that DS is a walking simulator though. So what? You don't like it, that's great. Who cares anymore? You don't like it, doesn't mean that we care that you don't like it after you've repeated it god knows how many times in hateful ways that do nothing but bring contention.

End of story.....and general rant. By "you", I mean those that are going through extraordinary effort to bring the game down....not referring to anyone specific like Spurg who is doing what I'm describing.

DarXyde10d ago


It's not about being PC. It's just a boring and recycled critique. Some people even said that about The Order 1886 and, to a lesser degree, The Last of Us.

I have no issue with dissenting opinions, I'm just explaining why people who label the game a walking simulator are taking away from the other, larger mechanics and themes. I have no doubt that the game is divisive and said as much before release. I suspect most of the game's biggest critics have no experience with it.

rainslacker9d ago


I actually expected the reviews to be much more divisive than they actually were. I really thought we'd see a good number of high scores, a good number of really low scores, and then a decent amount in slightly above average to high average range.

I didn't feel this way due to anything I saw about the game though. I felt this way because the community itself was being so antagonistic about the game since it was first revealed. Lots of animosity between those who wanted to hate on Kojima, and his fans, or just people that seemed to be interested in the game. Basically, it was a hyped game that people could hate on, which leads to lots of bickering.

I was really surprised that the game scored really well overall, and so far, hasn't gotten many of what I'd consider troll reviews. Even if the 10's are inaccurate in the end, the likelihood is that the game is going to be good based on the scores. People like to point out that isn't always the case, which is true, but with most games that score high like that, there is usually enough there to recognize why it may be scoring that way, and that has nothing to do with free passes or blind fanboyism....even though it's likely some of the reviews themselves may be subject to that.

P_Bomb9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

The problem’s when people stifle the conversation by talking in absolutes.

All most people have seen according to the trophies, are those two episodes out of fourteen. One episode really. 86% beat episode one. Only 3% beat episode three. That’s not a typo.

So that 86% take that and hit the forums. The game is now branded X on social media. Meanwhile to the 1% quietly playing past that, Y happens and you barely have to walk again.

Chocoburger9d ago

Great point. Death Stranding is so much more than just "walking around." You have to focus and pay attention to how you maneuver around the environments, avoid enemies, and take in the crazy landscapes.

Good story, people are trying to bring the game down because they don't want anything unique. These people have millions of generic retread style of games to play (not that generic retread games are bad), so why are they all up in arms over ONE (just ONE) unique game? They feel threatened by it somehow, even those the vast majority of publishers are going to keep on making the same type of games year after year.

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Thundercat7710d ago

Comment translator...

"I'm pretty sure Xbox fans wanted to have Kojima's next big game"

Veneno10d ago

Since we're writing the fanboy language book:

" It's not for everyone." = "I'm trying to hide the fact that this game play is no good."

Old McGroin10d ago


Kind of a moot point seeing as it's not a Playstation exclusive.

RememberThe35710d ago (Edited 10d ago )

So many people who clearly aren't interested in this game come into these discussions just to shit all over it and leave. At this point, can all of you go fk off?

@Ven. You especially. Calling the game "not for everyone" is like saying Ico isn't for everyone. We don't say that about COD or Fortnite or Breakpoint or which ever one of these mass appeal games you can bring up. Death Stranding is clearly not that kind of game. Clearly. You constantly mocking people who don't want to explain the nuance to you is annoying.

Veneno10d ago


I'm sure it is annoying. Because it's a reminder to you that you can't hide behind excuses.

TK-6610d ago (Edited 10d ago )


"So many people who clearly aren't interested in this game come into these discussions just to shit all over it and leave. At this point, can all of you go fk off?"

Sounds like some safe space bullshit to me. If you cant handle the criticism please find your local puppy petting station to relieve your anxiety!

"You constantly mocking people who don't want to explain the nuance to you is annoying."

If you can't explain why it's good, you dont know why it's good. I'm playing through it currently and, in regards to gameplay, I'm not impressed. If you're telling me I should fuck off for my criticism, then you may as well just fuck off the internet altogether. You're not going to find many hobby forums that dont involve heavy criticism of the products it's user base are fans of.

KillBill9d ago

Ha... no, we didn't and don't want this guys game nor do we want any movie he might be thinking of making later.

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Tiqila10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Pretty sure everyone who calls it a Walking Sim hasn't played it.

And you are wrong because everyone would include me but this is exactly the game I wanted. Exceeded my expectations in any way possible and I can't wait to get back to playing it.

SolidGamerX10d ago

Look if the best you and the rest of your xbox fanboy buddies can do is keep regurgitation the same old "walking simulator" comment over and over again cause that's the best you can come up with you might as well pack it in and move on now.

Spurg10d ago

Go on then...describe the game to me.

You don't have to because you will end up describing it as a walking simulator.


Well I’d like to hear your take on the game. All I hear from Sony fanboys is anyone who criticizes the game is a Xbox fanboy which is absurd. The game is pretty boring in my opinion and there’s NO denying that the game features more walking than anything else . This is FACTUAL not some made up fanboy rant.

AnnaDea10d ago

Oh, the same guy that was pissing on FF VII Remake in another post.

Dude, stop being so anti sony. It's getting tiresome and you must have a sad life to put so much energy in doing this.

I find the gameplay kinda fun in it's own way. It's not assassins creed where you will avoid everything in the way, but instead it has it's own system with the weight.

But haters need something to make themselves feel better so go ahead, lmao.

Spurg10d ago

FF7's hate is granted btw and his game deserves its criticism.

Elda10d ago

I'm quite sure folks that understood the premise of the game from day one up until it was released wanted this game.

SolidGamerX10d ago

I'd describe the game as an xbox fanboy salt extractor.

Ratchet7510d ago

Dude your a serious troll.
Have you played the game ?
If yes, please send me your psn id so i can check.
I'm waiting.

Hungryalpaca10d ago

lol wrong. Been enjoying it since yesterday. Keep it up hater. Keep spurging out.

sprinterboy9d ago

I'm having a really enjoyable time with DS but agree I think we all expected more of a complete game in there.

Great gfx, soundtrack, exploring, great inventory management etc but yes after watching like 5 trailers I was expecting more of a game than just delivering as such with the way the trailers unfolded.
Buy hey I like different stuff, which feel fresh and not rinse and repeat.

The problem has always been the casual was never gonna like it in the 1st place.
In fact it was always gonna connect (pun intended) with kojima fans and bring along a few new faces along the way but it was never gonna be a game for say 75% of ps4 players at the end of the day cause they play nothing but fortnite, cod or yearly sports titles.

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Markbizzle10d ago

Death stranding is dividing ppl because ppl don't like to be bullshited by fake gaming websites like this one and pretty much all of them and they don't like being taken for fools by some ass hat and his band of merry asses in suits

Veneno10d ago

Well, the game is now available to everyone so the reviewer excuse just that, an excuse.

RememberThe35710d ago

Who lied to you? Did someone tell you this was an MGS sequel? Did I miss the machine gun packed trailer? This game is exactly what they said it was. Stop fkn whining about it.

rainslacker10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

The division is between those who want to make everyone believe the game is crap, and those who either like the game, or maintained optimism for it because of Kojima's legacy, or their own interest in the game based on the marketing. The critical reviews really aren't that divided, and it has fewer troll reviews than many popular games do....which is pretty impressive in and of itself....especially for what still amounts to an exclusive for how the communities treating it right now.

Then you have articles like these, which are trying to paint a narrative that really doesn't exist in the realm of the media itself, and I guess they're just trying to capitalize off the community division which the console war tends to bring to any exclusive game.

I mean, has there been a single big AAA exclusive from the Big 3 this gen that hasn't had the community making it look like it's divisive? I can't really think of anything. Most of that divisiveness is pretty transparent bias based on console war BS, while some have more weight, but ultimately is the result of one group trying to make the other group look bad, with the other group just responding in backlash.

It's a never ending cycle really. One that would be hilarious, if it weren't so pathetic, and one I'd criticize more, if I weren't also part of the problem of making the cycle continue with my own comments. It's almost like a drug at this point, because I've given up on trying to have reasonable, measured conversations a long time ago, because very few seem to want them, and even fewer actively participate in them. Then what's left still gets sucked in by those who would derail any positive discourse to interject their vitriol back into those same conversations.

Lets face it. Just look at the front few pages of N4G. If a game or topic isn't about the console war, or somehow controversial, there are no comments. instead, we have tens of thousands of comments of discussion threads like these which are pretty much an exact repeat of the last exclusive game, or controversial topic that came out.

Clover90410d ago

I'm loving this game. It's definitely a game u have to play alone in order to let yourself be enveloped by the beauty, atmosphere and the music. It can be dark and haunting, but also randomly funny and oddly uplifting too. I'm all in. This game is something special.

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10d ago Replies(3)
Iamnothuman1210d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Whether you find it boring as shit or the greatest game ever made at least you have an opinion.

Bwremjoe10d ago

Exactly. Why is that somehow so confusing to people.

NeoGamer23210d ago

I don't mind game opinions at all.


Rather then saying a game sucks or is stupid, maybe they should talk about what makes it suck... Is the pacing off, are missions boring, is there too much exploration in a bare environments, etc...

Just saying a game sucks is not good enough...

Same with this is a good game. I want to hear what makes it so good.

I look at the comments here and I have no way of making an objective assessment for whether I should buy the game or not, and I have been on the fence where a while now.

The_Blue10d ago

I still like Kojima but I just dont have time for a game like this.