Anyone Who Wanted Kingdom Hearts 3 Seems to Have Bought it at Launch

Final Fantasy XIV and mobile games carry Square Enix through a quiet year.

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nommers389d ago

So edgy, don't cut yourself.

bloodyspasm389d ago

@Nommers... look at his username for a second. It was a joke 🙄

LMosche389d ago

I hope the guy directing the series gets fired. We could have had a decent Disney game not random people teleporting around saying random bullshit.

Harkins1721389d ago

Blame Disney and all their red tape nerd.

389d ago
nommers389d ago

I hope your mentality and all like it get thrown off a cliff. Such BS hatred over a good game that despite actually being very much like a KH game, still gets this bullshit? WTF.

RedDevils389d ago

Hey I didn't waiting for bargain bin price.

bloodyspasm389d ago

This rings true for pretty much any fan of the franchise, and since it's the 3rd entry and continues an established story... it's not like newcomers will pick this one up if they haven't played 1, 2 and the other essentials

monkey602389d ago

It's a really hard series to break in to aswell. Even with the recent- ish remasters the games are very dated and there's a number of weird side games with important plot points.

I've tried a couple of times to enjoy play them but just can't enjoy them

rainslacker388d ago

Third one wasn't a bad place to start if you didn't know the story. The story in the third was silly and pointless, so even if you knew the rest of the story, all the story threads they tried to follow really just ended up falling flatter than a pancake. I mean, you have Kairi spending 2/3 of her story talking to Axel, only to come in and be a badass at the end, then she became pointless. Sora was a baffoon. All the characters from the side games were just going around talking about stuff that had either already been resolved, or they were just antagonizing one another, only to fizzle out in the story the second Sora shows up and whacks them on the head with a keyblade. Absolutely no depth to the story, and it was pointless. Good game play though.

Yi-Long389d ago

Would have bought it at launch if it would have had the Japanese voices included.
One of those series which has always appealed to me, but the English dub has always kept me from playing it.

sprinterboy389d ago

Do you watch westernised films buddy with English dubs, just curious?
I have a friend who doesn't like watching foreign films cause of the subtitles but I keep telling him he's missing out on loads of good films like Lebanon or other war films In Russian etc I find good.

Yi-Long389d ago

I watch movies in their original language.
I watch TV show in their original language.
I play games in their original language.

Wontime1389d ago

Such a strange statement. Wouldnt that apply to literally everything?

ifrit_caress389d ago

Perhaps the writer is trying to be neutral.

ZeekQuattro389d ago

Not really. Some games sell year round like GTA V, Minecraft and Mario Kart 8 to name a few.

389d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.