Death Stranding - Made For Walking (Jimpressions)

Jim Sterling: "It's wonderful that Hideo Kojima gets to do whatever he wants to do. It's equally wonderful that I can do whatever I want to do, and what I did was stop playing his game.

Death Stranding is a hassle. A slow, monotonous, fiddly, irritating hassle. It's pure indulgence, every whimsical fancy that crossed the studio's minds has been tossed in without regard for the player's time or the gameplay experience.

But hey, it has ladders!"

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darthv7214d ago

Well at least we know Jim's take. I wonder what Angry Joe thinks?

MasterCornholio14d ago

I'm guessing he's going to have Other Joe dress up as a mail man.

gopon13d ago

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Angry Joe....the movie reviewer?

King_Noctis14d ago

He seems to reviews more movie than games right now. Make sense, as movies are shorter.


@King_Noctis Glad someone recognized the sarcasm

Petebloodyonion13d ago

I lost faith in Angry Joe a long time ago...
He's now about pleasing his fan base more than bringing honest reviews like he used to.
I fully expect him to be on page with the perfect 10 and see him drooling in front of major studio that fans love
As an example, he also gave MGS5 a perfect score bringing all the high points of other reviews.

He gave Overwatch game of the year while giving the same year a major deception to PSVR EVE Valkyrie because it was full price AAA game that only features multiplayer games and has loot boxes. (Overwatch?)

He gave Uncharted4 a perfect score but Joe is usually hard on sequels (He calls it tough love) so the reason why this game didn't get the tough love treatment that RDR2, COD, GEARS, MK, INjustice, etc.. got? Well, he didn't play an Uncharted game before.

Spurg13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I'm glad more and more people are seeing pass angry Joe's bull reviews. He is a businessman and knows what ticks his audience.
I'm sure with death Stranding though he will be on the fence. Because everyone is one the fence and if it didn't have Kojima's name on it it would have been considered a mediocre game.

Veneno13d ago


Joe gave Uncharted 4 a 9/10.

You can hate all you want but when you get your facts wrong you look like a total fool.

Cmoney00713d ago

I started to lose faith in him after:

A. He decided to start feeling bad for asking Major Nelson about an always-online connection on the Xbox Box One. This happened at E3 a few years ago.

B. He never did a review of Resident Evil 6.

C. His rant against Nintendo was ridiculous.

Petebloodyonion13d ago

I'm sorry you're right he gave a 9 out of 10 for Uncharted 4
My whole argumentation is completely destroyed by that 1 point :)
shame on me, you have exposed me, you are the better man...

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Ratchet7513d ago

Jim"death stranding made for walking" and god knows you could do with a little walking in your life.

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Spurg14d ago

This will be most gamers view on the game

sander970213d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Jim represents the biggest bubble-boys of the gaming community, not even close to the majority.

Sgt_Slaughter13d ago

Glad you self appointed yourself the chairman of gamers' opinions

wwinterj13d ago (Edited 13d ago )


rdgneoz313d ago

You get a bike and the ability to build / see other people's bridges/generators part way through the first zone. I only move slow if I'm trying to take a ton of deliveries (200 weight on bike and max on character) at once...

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CaptainHenry91614d ago (Edited 14d ago )

He compared this to Red Dead Redemption 2. Sounds like he didn't like that game either. Did he just give this game a 7? That's pretty high especially the way he talked about the game. Just say this game is not for everybody just like Red Dead Redemption 2.

meganick14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

I think the 7 thing was a callback to his Breath of the Wild score.
I don’t think he’s actually giving this a 7 or any score. He doesn’t give scores anymore.

Atom66614d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Haha, he doesn't do review scores after the Zelda fiasco - the most famous 7/10 review we'll ever see.

That's why he throws out 7/10 now.

King_Noctis14d ago

Red Dead Redemption 2 is for everyone. It is an open world action game.

CaptainHenry91614d ago (Edited 14d ago )

I'm going to be honest. Red Dead Redemption 2 felt like a chore and it got boring at times. But that's my opinion. The game still got a 10. I don't think it's for everyone

Chexs199013d ago

The story was amazing, and the gunplay was really good. The graphics, atmosphere, etc. was incredible.

But as to the common gameplay mechanics, and the 10 year old outdated movement mechanics, those were just kinda pathetically boring and/or detrimental to the experience.

rainslacker13d ago

You're right. It's about as casual as it gets. Just aim, and shoot. It even does the aiming part for you.

Petebloodyonion13d ago

He gave Gears5 a 2 out of 10 saying it's a great game but since he's biased against MS well it's the best score it can get. lol

ShadowWolf71213d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Quite the contrary. He liked RDR2, but was critical of all the self-indulgent micromanaging mechanics for the sake of "realism". With Death Stranding, however, he feels it doesn't have the elements that allowed the stronger parts of RDR2 to overcome that annoyance.

The 7/10 is a callback to his BotW review in which he gave it a 7 (For him that's a score for a game that's good but flawed) but rabid fanboys acted as if he called the game bad. So now, whenever he dislikes a game, he jokes about it being a "7/10".

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telekineticmantis14d ago

And jumping, and driving, and shooting, and stealth, and building roads, and jelping other players.

william_cade14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

If he mentioned that he wouldn't be able to minimize it.

zumlauf1413d ago

funny. he does mention all of that. Congrats! you commented on a headline and not the content. You get N4G member of the year award.

william_cade13d ago

@zum I was responding to a comment with an "if" clause and I have watched the video and the title was minimized to be derogatory. Congrats you did the same, which you are accusing.

DaDrunkenJester14d ago

He mentions that, but 90% of it is walking or driving along a road... still the objective is delivering.

Hardiman14d ago

Don't forget terrifying because BT encounters are pretty chilling! I actually fought off an attack and got away. I can't believe I did it!

telekineticmantis14d ago

Exactly I thought the first 10 hours were supposed to be boring, before the end of Chapter 2 my heart was already racing because I can't see those BT's but the damn windmill keeps telling me it's right next to me, Fighting Mules, and performing Death Defying Traversal trying not to fall down a Mountain lol. Now I'm starting to get some of the cool tech the game has.

Hardiman14d ago

@telekineticmantis right on. I'm really enjoying myself! If these first hours are supposed to be boring I imagine when it opens up I'm in for a treat!

DaDrunkenJester13d ago

You mean you spammed the square button? Oooo chilling.

Hardiman13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Hey DrukenJester you must be a joy to be around!

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Fishy Fingers14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

7/10 was a surprise. "Its boring.. and when its not boring it's f*** irritating"

The more you watch/read the more you think how the f*** did this get so much hype and positive reviews? Cos Kojima... so "art".

darthv7214d ago

Would have been funny if he said "I cant recommend this... 10 out of 10"

(you know because of the perfect scores given by those who had complaints in their reviews)

Kribwalker14d ago

i was more surprised with PS Lifestyle giving it a 9.5 and calling it a frustrating and boring game then jim giving this one a 7.

SyntheticForm14d ago

It seems that there's joy to be found in the world of Death Stranding, but it gets in the way of itself. That's the sentiment I've picked up from so many reviewers.

There's good stuff, but there's more boring and irritating stuff which sort of explains the high numbers accompanying reviews that sound mostly negative.

Rude-ro14d ago

Because it is a game.
Just how some find the yearly shooter boring, it’s an opinion from someone.
May not be your taste... but last I checked, gaming is not limited to, nor would it not exist but for games that take risks and experiment.
Trash a solid, well built game.. on release... next to the yearly shoot em up game that is in need of serious patching like cod.. of which fully depends on micro transactions, the soon to be season pass... and drip fed content.... with all around positive reviews... tells you exactly what is wrong with not only the gaming media.. but also the so called gamers.

I’m two hours in... and I have not had a gaming experience like this since the ps1 days.. reminded.. by the same person that brought us the praying mantis boss fight.. or wandering around a scary mansion with zombies that are everywhere with the cheesiest of acting and door loading screens.. or the first time I walked into silent hill...
It may not be for everyone.. but it has its place in gaming history.

Hardiman14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Right on and I too am about 5 hours in and I'm having a blast! There's so much to do and see and the BY's are really terrifying!

ShadowWolf71213d ago

It's not an actual 7. Jim doesn't do scores anymore.

It's a reference to when he did give scores, gave BotW a 7/10 (which on his site is listed as a good-but-flawed game score) and the fanboys freaked out on him for giving it such a bad score, sent him death threats, and DDoS'd his website for days over it. So now, a lot of times if he thinks a game is bad, he'll jokingly toss out a 7/10.

SegaGamer13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I don't understand how so many people haven't noticed that Jim Sterling was joking when he said 7/10.

To put it clearly for those that don't understand, he didn't like it, and if he was paid by somebody like IGN to review the game, he would have given it lower rating than they did.

I'm glad he doesn't do number reviews, I much prefer to actually listen or read what the reviewer says about a game. Reviews with a numbered rating are just point scoring for fanboys.

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